This week the boiis over at The WhiteNoiize Collective dropped their latest album: Water. The first album in a three part thematic elemental release. We asked WhiteNoiize team member Jason Knøtz Broussard about the inspirations behind the themes…

“When WhiteNoiize decided last year to do albums, we wanted to find a way to allow for multiple genres and styles to make sense together. We came up with doing thematic albums to use the theme as a way to keep everything cohesive while being different. This year we came up with the idea to do elements; Water, Fire and Air. The Fire album will be out in August and Air in December.


One of the major things we here at TRILLVO always appreciate in the scene is others willingness to help support and grow it. The WhiteNoiize boiis are no stranger to this. On all their albums they open up the opportunity for producer submissions, providing a perfect chance for up and comers to be heard.  We wanted to know a bit more about the process…

“WhiteNoiize, now running as a label, and not just a collective, has always wanted to find ways to give artists a platform to showcase their music. That’s why we allow guests to submit to the thematic albums as well. We use a distribution form and post on multiple producer pages all over Facebook to find people interested in submitting. They would send in their tracks and we would sign the ones we felt fit our themes.”

Fire album submission deadline is August 18th and Air submissions are due by December 8th. 

Submit for the thematic albums as well as general track distribution by using THIS form.


Like the element it represents, The Water Album has a VERY beautiful, almost natural, flow to it. We asked Knøtz about how he constructed it…

“When putting the track order together, I usually try to place the tracks in a way that flows similar to how I would a dj set. Using peaks and valleys. Starting slower then rising in energy and coming back down.”

Saylus sets the scene perfect with one of my favorite Bruce Lee quotes of all time as SJPJ then transports us to a beach as the waves come rolling in. Next AER BEAR provides a fresh take on a familiar classic, while Mitch Waring channels the energy from the waves to flip the script. VICEGRIP hits us smack in the face with a tsunami wave welcoming RNZO‘s beauty in the eye of the storm. Knøtz channels his lyrical song writing skills next providing the perfect guided path out of the madness. Gio presents a vibe reminiscent of steadily flowing down a river as you take in the scenic views. My personal favorite track of the album, “Mizu” by DAT TU will leaving you wanting to hit that replay button over and over with its simplistic beauty and elegant piano work. Coming full circle, the album is finished up with a track by Chambers which reminds us of the true power of water to continue flowing, even when there is no light.

Don’t just take our word for it though, hear the beauty that is The Water Album for yourself now!

Be sure to follow The WhiteNoiize Collective for their latest releases!

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You can view the 2018 thematic albums here:




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