All photos by Andrew Murillo

Ubbi Dubbi just finished up it’s first year this past weekend in Fort Worth, and it showed up in a BIG way. The lineup, the atmosphere, the staff, and the mass amounts of amenities at the very first Ubbi Dubbi already has us begging for round 2. Disco Donnie Presents has been repeatedly putting on for the Texas scene for years now, subsequently becoming the face of the Texas festival scene and showing no signs of slowing down. From food trucks such as Shawarma Point and Wokker, from the Deadbeats takeover stage and the Zoom Room as well as Ubbi’s stage, the general consensus of  Fort Worth‘s first year festival is not only positive, but blissful.


Deadbeats Takeover (Day 1)

One of the hardest things to do, if not the hardest thing, is setting the vibe for the weekend. If you weren’t able to do it yourself, the mighty wubs from the electric pair of Zinnia and Saratonin had you covered. The pair showcased everything from WIPs to their favorite artists tracks, and had the crowd melting in the very first set of the weekend. In fact, this type of energy would be carried by each of the artists throughout day 1. Lucii‘s explosive energy was out in full force for her set, and we caught ourselves with our jaws touching the ground more than once. Pax Impera made his Texas debut, and boy did he make a statement. Building off the previous artists, Pax went berserk with the bass so much that you could feel it walking from Zoom Room. Jaenga and GG Magree carried 2 different sounds that almost seemed to melt together as they seemingly transitioned into one another. Both artists went easier on the bass, but harder on creating the atmosphere for the rest of the night. Drezo built off this with his signature sound, and brought out shufflers, hoopers, glovers, and lovers. With the 3 previous artists setting the stage for an electric night, Keys N Krates as well as Space Jesus were able to turn it another notch and quite literally abducted the crowd. However, it would be the pair who’s namesake took over the stage that would have the most beautiful set of the night. Zeds Dead went b2b with the rain to end the night out on what will, without a doubt, stick in our heads for months to come.


Ubbi’s Stage (Day 1)

Filled to the brim with beautiful sound and eye-catching design, Ubbi’s Stage did not disappoint over the weekend. Milazzo‘s Trap-and-House sound flowed perfectly throughout, and would end up meshing perfectly with Pass the 40‘s house-styled set. Xie goes all-in and captured the audience with her bass lines. Being the first time we had heard of Xie ourselves, we were thoroughly impressed and already hoping to see more of her. Devault encased the audience with his dark sound, reminiscent of Gesaffelstein if he had a kid with 1788-L. CID came in strong, with that jump-up sound and overall destructive atmosphere coming together to create a horrifyingly-terrific moving crowd. Boombox Cartel, NGHTMRE and Galantis would all end the night with their signature styles, Galantis closing out the night by pouring down the rain and pairing it up with beautiful drops for even more beautiful people.


Zoom Room (Day 1&2)

While the bigger stages brought out bigger names, the Zoom Room got a couple of locals paired with some greats inside a very personable tent, as well as the best sound. The energy inside was inspiring, yet aggressive throughout the weekend. Shree and Black Frames flowed together extremely well, and it’s safe to say they set the vibe inside your favorite musical tent. Lucati, Charles Meyer, Franklyn Watts, Eli Brown, Codes, and Omnom were some of the smoothest flowing house sets I’d ever caught, and each of them seemed to build off one another to create the foundation the headliners would end up working off of. From Destructo and Claptone to Walker & Royce and Chris Lake, the Zoom Room headliners took that up-close-and-personal stage to an entirely new level. Reading the crowd’s energy is one thing, but to create it in the way each of them did is the whole entire goal. Big ups to all the artists that played Zoom Room!


I’m Hungry, Ubbi

With great music has to come great food, and each of the 7 food trucks did not disappoint whatsoever. Backwoods BBQ, Carolls Corn Crib, Freddy’s Grill, Fresh N Juicy, Gepetto’s Pizza, Shawarma Point, and Wokker each brought their own unique flavor to your favorite festival, and hit the spot throughout the weekend. Freddy’s Grill had some of the best tacos we’ve had in a while, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend too much time outside their food truck. Backwoods BBQ and Carolls Corn Crib brought your favorite BBQ taste and American staples respectively. Fresh N Juicy came through with all your fruit, juice, and smoothie needs to reinvigorate in between sets. Shawarma Point and Wokker each brought unique flavors, Shawarma bringing New York-style Mediterranean cuisines and Wokker bringing Southern-style cooking mixed with traditional Asian flavors and ingredients. All in all, I think it’s safe to say after every meal, I was back on my feet like I just entered the gates.

Day 1 went amazing, with everything coming together in the first day and creating a very at-home vibe. However, Day 2 would follow up Day 1’s performance with some of the most popular names in electronic music today, and easily had the best atmosphere of either day. Despite the rain creating a beautiful scene at the end of the night, the festival was closed at 11:15 due to the weather, causing everyone to have to leave at the same time through a small bridge. To those that survived Ubbi & Dubbi‘s Day 1 Armageddon, we salute you.


Ubbi’s Stage (Day 2)

With some of the hottest electronic stars playing Ubbi’s Stage on Day 2, we already knew we would be in for a treat. Chris Schambacher’s beautiful sound got the stage started right, and captured the early birds hearts. ARMNHMR built off this and continued to enthrall anyone that came, creating a crowd that was buzzing with excitement. Habstrakt switched it up, and used his signature sound and ability to make a crowd get up and moving to his advantage. Truly, he put the NRG in energy during his set, and it showed on the faces of the audience. Said the Sky and What So Not each showcased why they’re at the top of the game right now. The vibe and atmosphere they create day-in and day-out got kicked up again, this time leaving many tearing up. The Svdden Death b2b Borgore set was one to not miss out on, as they blew the entire crowd out of the water. Through intense bass and that disgusting filth each are known for, the pair easily put on a top 3 set of the festival without any doubt. Tchami and Illenium would return to the vibe set earlier in the day, with each artist putting on a wonderful show. Illenium even played out some new tracks to tease us.

Dubbi’s Stage (Day 2)

From the lineup alone, you already knew this is where you would be getting your bass fix. Ubbi Dubbi Junkies were treated to an amazing Day 2, and this stage was an easy highlight for anyone that came. Decadon‘s wub-laden sound set the tone early, getting many already up and groovy at 3:30! PAZ would also showcase his wubby taste, and having extremely high energy throughout. PAZ even paid homage to Queen halfway through with a brilliant performance of the iconic “EEEEEOOOO”. Graves and Falconhad electrifying sets, and Falcons seemed to flow near-perfectly throughout and into Graves set. Graves, with the crowd now in his hands, would pick up what Falcons left and drop it all over our ready faces. However, if you thought you were free to rest, you were sorely mistaken. With another top 3 set of the weekend, Peekaboo went absolutely ballistic and held nothing back for the crowd. From filthy yaws to aggravating bass-lines, this was a set not to miss. Dion Timmer would continue the filth of those before him, putting his own personal flavor and style into the mix. With another top 3 set of the night, Dion reminded us all of the talent he brings with him everywhere. Slander and Ganja White Night would carry the high energy through their sets, and set the stage perfectly for Bear Grillz to melt your face with bass. With a stacked lineup like this, we knew this would be an amazing second day for Dubbi’s Stage, and we weren’t disappointed in the slightest.


Overall Thoughts on Ubbi Dubbi 2019

From electrifying openers like Zinnia and Saratonin, to household names like Said the Sky and Illenium, Ubbi & Dubbi brought it all in full force. While the venue felt very narrow and tight in some places, it made the festival feel as if you were truly taking a journey and opening the door to new sounds everywhere you went. The food was absolutely insane, and you already KNOW I had to get me some of them chicken tacos boy (SHOUTOUT FREDDY’s GRILL!). The dancers were heavily engaged with the crowd, so much so that it feels they played a huge part in keeping spirits up. Though the rain caused a stampede to get out, a lot of good memories were made and no one seemed to leave without a smile on their face.


Being a first year festival, it might have been easy to come in with low expectations. Most first year festivals don’t come back around for a second, ya know? With Ubbi Dubbi, however, we were blown out of the park. From seeing staff go out of their way to help attendees, to the food and the perfectly curated lineup and schedule, you’d be hard pressed to find a first-year festival that did it better. Thank you Disco Donnie Presents for the outstanding festival you as a team brought to Texas, and thank you even more for allowing us to cover it. We should expect to see improvements, considering Ubbi Dubbi has just found a place in the Texas scene as your new favorite spring-time music celebration.

View our full gallery of pictures here!

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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