The same people that brought you ILLectric River, are back with a BIGGER and BETTER experience. With the new name ILLfest Music and Arts Festival, fans will be able to roam throughout the Travis Country Expo Center and explore FOUR stages with more than 30 artists, beautiful light installations, live painting and interactive art!

(Photo from ILLfest Twitter)

The lineup is a perfect balance of genres and internationally acclaimed acts. You have your heavy hitters such as Seven Lions, Gramatik, Riot Ten and Ghastly. Then you have your favorite supporting acts like Bleep Bloop, Manila Killa, Kompany b2b TYNAN, Blanke, QUIX, and Sober Rob. Here at TRILLVO, we love the locals. Familiar names like GHOST DATA, Madhatter, KLO, and the always fun duo Saratonin and Zinna with their high energy sets.

ILLfest is a festival that has always brought the ARTS back into the music and arts festival. Back in the ILLectric River times, they had live painters and muralistas all throughout the grounds. Really bringing another element to the festival lifestyle. This year at ILLfest, they’ll be welcoming artist such as Mez Data, Tayviss, Mattru22, and many more! 20+ artists are on the roster for this years 8-foot tall, live painted mural!


(Photos from Illectric River Facebook)

The festival may only be one day but the party doesn’t start on Saturday. ILLfest has teamed up with Vulcan Gas Company and is bringing you the bass cyclops, SUBTRONICS for the official pre-party on Friday. They also have the homie DRU as direct support!


“After attending hundreds of art shows, concerts and festivals, it became clear that non could present an immersive collection of all of these things at once. What makes ILLfest an unforgettable experience is how we connect with fans by showcasing internationally-renowned electronic music producers and DJs, as well as artist who are loved and respected by fans from Texas and across the globe. Get ready to have your mind blown!”
-ILLectric River Founder/Visionary Jason Millsap

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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