Valentino Khan‘s not new to owning the floor year in and year out, and he’s gone ahead and done it again with his new single, “Pony“. Valentino‘s creativity also is on display as he incorporates the clip-clopping of a horse’s hooves into his track, showing he’s not afraid to use out-of-the-ordinary sounds to push the envelope. “Pony” is Valentino‘s newest bass-house track, and happens to be a premier record off of a soon-to-come EP, dropping on Diplo’s Mad Decent. 

It only takes a couple seconds for Valentino Khan to have your body involuntarily moving to his sound, and only a couple more seconds to have you moving around the dance floor in a blur. Incorporating a vocal line that seems obsessed with riding your motherfucking pony, as well as the clip-clop of a horse’s hooves, the aptly-named track has seen clicks galore in the 6 days it’s been out on Soundcloud. The high-energy, party atmosphere created by Valentino is something he’s not new to, and has in fact become synonymous with over the last couple of years. “Pony” is no exception, and shows off the creative genius of the man himself. However, creative genius is best experienced in person. If you’re attending EDC Las Vegas, get out to Cosmic Meadow on Saturday to catch the ‘stache and his new track as well as possible new tracks that will be on display for the masses!

Smack that click button and get your fix today. Make sure to connect with Valentino Khan (and his facial hair) through his socials linked below!

Connect with Valentino Khan

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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