Reminding listeners that music is just another game we all play, Teminite & MDK present their latest release, ‘Space Invaders’. Taking samples from classic arcade games, ‘Space Invaders’ utilizes cheeky sound effects in a way that is part kitsch and part cool. This track makes me nostalgic for the weekends during my childhood when I would fall asleep playing PlayStation and wake up at 2 a.m. to the sound of the game’s theme song looping over and over.

Teminite & MDK went all out 8-bit Dubstep on “Space Invaders“, and easily produced one of our favorite tracks here at TRILLVO. With expert sound design, there’s not a single thing you won’t find yourself bobbing your head to. This heavy-hitting banger is reminiscent of Jauz’s ‘The Game,’ but packs an extra high-energy punch thanks to the quick pace and variety of samples. This is the type of track that would be right at home in the middle of a festival set on the main-stage; it’s like a shot of caffeine to the senses, leaving you ready to play all day or night. Click that play button above to get your caffeine fix!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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