Written by: Michael Placencia

The House music legend himself is back, and he’s dropped a bombshell of absolute greatness in the form of his Redux 003 album. With every album, Kaskade never seems to disappoint. Redux 003 doesn’t just deliver, it gives us new classics that will stick with us for years to come. What’s best about this album is that it pays tribute to a plethora of House music genres. So with that, let’s dive into this music monolith of greatness.

Kaskade Redux 003

Redux 003 opens up quite softly with “On Your Mind,” a track that evokes some deep emotion with which anyone who’s felt love can easily relate to. “More” will quickly pick your head up with a classic House sound. You can tell this is a Kaskade track with those Deep House notes that creep up here and there. It’s also got an almost disco feel to it. “2nd Street” is another chill track, but one that has a very Jazz/Lounge vibe to it. So far, with three songs, Kaskade’s already traversed well into three genres, if not more. It should be mentioned that Kaskade has worked with quite a bit of artists on this album. Some names include, Romeo, Jen Blosil, Sara Diamond, Brohug, Mr. Tape, and tons more! Speaking of, Romeo lends his soulful voice to “Go Slow,” which has a very nice Pop feel to it.

But once you come across “The Diner,” you’ll instantly classify it as another Kaskade classic. Sara Diamond’s voice beautifully covers this rendition of Susanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner.” This is just the first of our many favorite songs from the album. The next two songs that follow “The Diner” are easily some of the best of the album. “Loose” has that classic Deep House vibe. The use of instruments such as what sounds like bongos/drums, coupled with that echoed vocal sample that plays in an eighth pattern is what really sells the track. Making shufflers everywhere ready to take the dance floor with ease. “Tight” compliments “Loose” so well due to its more succinct sound. The notes within it sound more compressed with the synths also sounding more constrained, yet booming in order to give the track the hype it has to get everyone moving. So much can be said about this song, including Madge’s seductive vocals. Both “Loose” and “Tight” not only compliment each other with how “Tight” follows up “Loose,” but in the way the sound within each song relates to its title. “Loose” feels more open of a track while “Tight” hones in on its sound and directly fires straight ahead with power.

Redux 003

While Redux 003 has its more energetic moments, there are also sections which let it breathe and show the more emotional side of the album. Songs like, “I Feel You (Sun Soaked Mix),” “My Distance,” “Valentine,” “Over” (which gives off some seriously good Disclosure vibes), “Save Yourself,” and “Love Me Like You Used To” all hit that emotional sweet spot. “Dancin’ ” is definitely catered to the shufflers. It really evokes that G-House feel with those low bass lines and that classic deep voice sample to accompany it while setting a darker mood.

“Can’t Be Without” is a standard House track with a sort of foreign feel to it thanks to the flute that chimes in throughout the drops. But a fan favorite from this album has of course been, “Fun.” Kaskade teams up with Brohug & Mr. Tape to deliver this funk and almost Indie infused House track. If you’re a fan of all three artists in this trio, you’ll most likely spot the parts within the track with which each artist contributed. “Fun” has most definitely been a festival favorite during Kaskade’s sets. Speaking of festivals, Kaskade’s Redux shows come with a custom built stage from 508 Operations who are based in New York. The Redux stage itself was designed by Nate Brown and studio institute, with Rob Ross as LD.

“Ruckus” slows things down a bit but delivers a playful Bass guitar melody along with some buzzing synths. “Lay Down” closes out the album as the Kaskade & Late Night Alumni track present us with a soft and soothing experience. The piano featured in this song really adds some emotional depth. As it progresses, it gradually evolves into a more orchestral work. Piano, strings, and more come together in a swirling tapestry of enticing wonder that paints a beautiful picture only your mind can depict from what you envision this track means to you. This is easily one of the most delicately yet emotional songs Kaskade has ever produced.

So there you have it. Redux 003 is without a doubt one of the best albums of 2019. The amount of addicting songs within this House behemoth is more than enough for the most diehard of House music fans. What’s even better, is that if you love different genres of House, then this will satisfy you even more. Kaskade has given us unforgettable albums over the years such as Fire & Ice, Strobelite Seduction, and Dynasty to name a few. But Redux 003 definitely earns its spot as another legendary album. One can only wonder where this House music legend will go next, and what incredible music he’ll bestow upon us. He’s struck gold again, because this album is definitely worthy of many awards. One thing’s for sure, Redux 003 will stand out as one of Kaskade’s best albums for years to come. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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