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Sunset Music Festival 2019 can be described in two words: FRIGGIN AMAZING!!! Production, stages, vibes, The Sunsetters (festival goers) and DJs were just absolutely on point this year. I have been attending SMF since 2015 and this hands down had to be my favorite year ever!


Photo cred: RUKES

Before I get started, I just want to take the time to praise the upgrades to provide us with shade, cool down tents blasted with cold AC and the amount of free water that SMF and DDP had set up. SMF is always a hot one and sometimes people don’t prepare themselves for the Florida heat. This year there was two huge AC tents that hosted all Florida’s amazing local DJs. There were more shaded areas for us to sit, relax, eat, take a breather. They also had misters in the crowd, tents where you could get free water, and massive water hoses to cool down the crowd. Kudos to that!

Photo cred: RUKES

Production and stages were on point this year. Main stage had the DJ booth elevated so even people in the far back can see the DJ playing. Visuals were like no other, matching perfect with what music was going on. A few SMFs ago, I got to meet up with John Santoro, founder of Sunset Events. I remember him telling me he spends hours at the site watching the crews put the stages together, making sure they follow his vision, which honestly it shows. Everything was just so breath taking this year! 

Photo Cred: RUKES, DDP

As EDM gets more popular, we see more crowds of “Brads and Chads,” people who basically party too hard and don’t respect others around them, or starts mosh pits to house music. Everyone this year seemed to come to actually enjoy the music. “Please, thanks and excuse me” were used going through the crowd. I normally hate going too deep into the crowd because sometimes it gets a little rowdy in there, but this year I was all up in that crowd with plenty of room to shuffle.

Photo cred: RUKES, DDP

The dopest thing this year was the Red Bull stage. I’m not really sure who was DJing there, but it was lit! They created a fake pool, and had HUGE blow up flamingos for us to chill out on. Super cool add on this year! Also, Red Bull reps were passing out free cans while walking in so I chugged one before going through security and was energized the whole day.

 I LOVE seeing how creative festival goers get with their outfits. This year it seemed like checkerboard is the in style but everyone rocked it in so many different ways. The great thing about festivals is we can dress as crazy as we want, and no one out there judges us. Men rocking glitter in their beards, ladies showing love and bringing up other ladies and squads thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.


My crew and I wearing our checkboard skrrt skrrt

As I stated early, I have been attending SMF since 2015 and everything about this year made it my favorite. Last year was cut a day short but DDP and Sunset Events did the damn thing to make up for it this year. The lineup was so diverse. We had plenty of dubstep, house, trance, and honestly a little bit of everything. I was completely blown away this year. To be honest, I kinda fell more in love with this scene I am in.


The party didn’t stop when SMF ended. Sunsetters had plenty of options for after parties. The Ritz hosted Illenium the first day, which was sold out, and gave us all the feels and vibes if you missed his set at the festival. The second day they hosted Brownies and Lemonade while the queen herself, Alison Wonderland took over. Techyes had us covered with those house vibes Saturday night with a secret boiler room vibe; your favorite dirtybirds Walker & Royce rocked that place! But hands down my favorite after party that Techyes provided was Trampa. Tucked in the basement of the Cuban Club, head bangers came to see Trampa fuck us up, as he tweeted on his way to the venue. If you missed that after party, you a damn fool and played yourself.


Trampa after party

As much as I wish I could have seen everyone playing this year, I had to split my time and catch some people I have been dying to see in between my interviews. Here’s my favorite acts of SMF 19:

  •  Rusko – his music heavenly played a roll on my intro to EDM, so seeing him was a dream come true. Plus those dance moves are fucking amazing. If Rusko can beat cancer and still do his damn thing with that much energy, it makes me believe I can get through my darkest days.
  • Liquid Stranger – went into that set not really sure what I was getting myself into. He had my face stuck on permeant bass face. I didn’t get much videos of that set because I was mind blown the whole time.
  • Zedd – caught him for 20 minutes and literally shuffled the whole time.
  • Fisher – brought the damn party.
  • Dj Ob7 – Tampa’s own resident dj at Ritz absolutely killed his first festival.
  • Bonnie X Clyde – it was hot as hell but that didn’t stop them and anyone else for turning the fuck up. SO proud of my little bbs.

  • 12th Planet – he brought out Ricco Act. Head banged my ass off.
  • Kaskade – had me on the feels train.
  • Alison Wonderland – such a babe. Never seen a bad set from her. Fell in love with her more.
Photo cred RUKES

Thank you Disco Donnie and Sunset Events for having Trillvo out there again. This year was amazing in so many ways. My crew turned up, danced and had the best weekend of our life. I truly cant wait to see what 2020 has in store for us, but one question, CAN WE GET THREE DAYS NOW!?

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