Finally making the foray into Anjunadeep waters is Spencer Brown, who released his new EP with Qrion last week. With all the grace and restraint we have come to expect from the label, Brown expertly combines soft vocals, danceable beats, and unique sounds. This EP is the perfect thing to play to unwind when you get home from the club or with some coffee over breakfast.


Picture from Facebook

 The title track ‘Sapporo’ is a moody but chill number, a style Anjunadeep never fails to perfect. ‘23’ brings a modern twist to traditional Japanese sonance; the intro calls to my mind a long tunnel of cherry blossoms, and the entire track is a journey just as beautiful.

‘Safeway Sushi’ speeds things up a bit with a groovy bass line and some sexy vocal elements. The drop is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that begs you to dance. The EP is hopefully not the last we will hear from Spencer Brown and Qrion, because together they have created something beautiful.

Written by: Katie Muecke

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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