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Mau5trap’s most recent artist, Julian Gray, has been making some serious waves over the past few years. His unique combination of Progressive House, Techno and Electro have even garnered so much attention that his own fans have dubbed his style as an entirely new genre which they call, “Progresso.” Julian’s one of a kind style was so innovative that it caught the very own king of Mau5trap’s attention. That’s right, Deadmau5 himself was enthralled and sure enough Julian’s tracks became featured on various Mau5trap releases such as the “We Are Friends” compilation series. If you haven’t yet heard of this insanely talented musician, then we’ve got you covered. Julian was kind enough to let us interview him. Here’s what he had to say on a lot of interesting topics.

Studio 4 - Credit @Robpolgar2
Photo Credit: Robpolgar2

What made you want to become a DJ/Producer?

“Well first I consider myself more a musician than a DJ/Producer necessarily. My family is very musical. I grew up in a family of music lovers and creative people. My mom was a really big music fan and grew up on the cusp of new wave and industrial music, my dad is a guitarist and had a home studio in the house. Music was always around me when I was young, so it was a natural progression that I’d become a musician myself.”

Who are your influences for your music/sound?

“Definitely Deadmau5 and Porter Robinson, those are obvious ones. Some less obvious ones I’d say are Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles who taught me the importance of counterpoint harmony and countermelodies at a young age, Pink Floyd for their immersive composition, and Coldplay for their incredibly catchy songwriting. Really though it’s hard to narrow down influences as I listen to an absurd amount of music of many genres. I just take things I like from whatever I’m listening to at the time and try to use it in my own work. Artistic expression to me is showcasing a culmination of some of the things you like or are moved by in your own work in a physical sense, whether it be a song, painting or otherwise.”

Outdoor 3 - Credit @BradyLavigne
Photo Credit: Brady Lavigne

How would you describe your sound/music?

“Silly, un-apologetically me, ever-changing. My biggest goal when writing is to always stay true to what I love and the music I’m enjoying. My style shifts around a lot because of it. Some days I’m writing trance, others house, and others still I’ll be making techno, it really depends on my approach for each song. One thing you’ll always find though is a focus on melody and harmony, that’s embedded in the DNA of my production.”

Aside from making music, what do you like doing in your spare time?

 “I’m also a graphic designer, computer enthusiast, and an educational content creator on YouTube. I teach and mentor up and coming musicians from around the world. It’s something I’m really proud of, and may actually find it more gratifying than creating itself. Something is truly special about helping someone actualize their creative vision.”

Show 1 - Credit @Bradylavigne
Photo Credit: Brady Lavigne

Which artist(s) would you want to collaborate with in the future?

“SO many! Some off the top of the head, Skrillex, EDDIE, American Football, Panic At The Disco, Fleetwood Mac, Coldplay, and Paramore.”

Just recently, Julian played EDC Las Vegas and we were fortunate enough to ask him his take on how the entire experience felt.

What was it like playing EDC and how did it feel emotionally once you finished your set?

“EDC was just like any other set: An incredible experience sharing some of my favorite music and some of my own music with everyone. That being said there was definitely something special about it. The production and the view from the stage of the entirety of EDC and the crowd at my set was incredible, and there’s a certain energy in the air at festivals like that you cant find in club shows. I loved performing EDC 2019, and am looking forward to similar events in the future!”

Show 3 - Credit @Bradylavigne.jpg
Photo Credit: Brady Lavigne

Last but certainly not least, we asked one of our favorite questions. The answer Julian gave was more than humble and kind.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career over the next few years?

“Keep on growing as an artist, perpetuating creativity, and supporting fellow creative people in my life. Art is really what everything is about at the end of the day. Thanks for having me!” -J

Julian Gray has cemented himself within the music industry as a young, gifted, humble, and exceptional musician, as well as a great person. As he progresses further in his career, so does his experience and talent. With already having played one of the biggest EDM festivals in the country, Julian is soaring to new heights at the speed of light. We think it’s safe to say he’s done enough to make even deadmau5 himself proud. Mau5trap only continues to grow with its vast plethora of talent; And just like Rezz and i_o, Julian Gray is quickly becoming one of the rising stars of the bunch. Only time will take him even further to greatness.

For more on Julian Gray, follow him on his socials below, and also check out one of his newest songs with Dezza, called “Cold Outside”, also posted below.

Soundcloud |Official Website |Twitter |Spotify


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