Demigod – A mortal raised to divine rank.

The diversity of Kai Wachi’s production on this album does just that. “Demigod” is the Boise based producer Kai Wachi’s first full album and he comes out swinging with TWELVE tracks. He’s been teasing it for MONTHS and we’ve been highly anticipating its release. The album is fully OUT NOW on KANNIBALEN RECORDS.

Now lets give it the in depth review it deserves…

The title track starts things off with a feeling of despair. The despair being the current position and knowing you most transform into something greater. Embracing the divine you push forward; feeling the power and realization flowing through. A piano closes out the song signifying what has been left behind as whispers fill about this newly formed being.

 Strangers tells the story of someone battling with their inner demons as they debate their morals and inhibitions. Embrace a night of bliss or form something lasting. The first drop represents the fear in taking a leap of faith and releasing societal norms. The second drop is post facing that fear and embracing the euphoria.

Is it wrong?

Beginning the true showcase of Kai Wachi’s diverse talent is Hollow. Things are flipped to level ignat with this guaranteed party turn up tune. A creepy melody is constant throughout, hidden just below the surface of the levels, that will leave you with the feeling of being leaned out.

Break, which was the first track of the album released about a month ago, brings us right back to the mayhem. The track wastes little to no time to pull you in. I can see this track being the anthem for all the rail breakers out there; ready to throw down a mean head bang at a moments notice. The second drop gets a little weird too with some wobbles that’ll leave you asking yourself  whether to dance or break neck.

Photograph is actually my personal favorite track from the album. It starts off very expansive and keeps the same energy throughout. It definitely had my body bobbing from left to right with its funky and fun sounds. Telling the flip side from “Strangers,” the track offers the different perspective; wanting something lasting.

Holla slows the tempo back down and provides another tune for us to jam out to. Not knowing whether the track just makes you wanna go on a chilling cruise down the road or put the pedal to floor.

Virus Syndicate sets the tone on this one and it is that something BIG is coming. The anticipation is easily felt as the track builds. The drop hits and beckons us to get into the circle pit. This track is just BEGGING for EDM pits to STEP THE FUCK UP.

I feel this track represents the full realization and testing out of the newly acquired power from “Demigod.” Houston was actually lucky enough to have heard this track tested out in the early phases back in 2018. We’ll let the video do the talking on this one…

Heartless presents the uneasy feeling of being lost in darkness. The darkness being the pain of letting your past rule your present. Trusting no one but yourself, as you turn away offers for love. The middle of the track hits the rest button on the beat as the lyrics accept the darkness; unable to escape the pain and accepting the Heartless nature that has been chosen.

The high energy returns with Kamikaze, as the build up presents impending madness. The drop nose dives in head first to blow the track up in pure bass bliss. It is easy to imagine a festival crowd absolutely losing their shit to this tune.

Of course when you combine Sullivan King and Kai Wachi nothing but something EPIC could have been the outcome. The bois don’t let us down. Starting things off with a slapping bass line accompanied by King’s shredding guitar work. This track is pure Metal so engage full head bang. If you don’t end up jumping up and down at the end of this track its only cause you must be laid out on the ground in the pit.

 Closing out the album is the disorienting track “Lost.” Universal whispers help create a feeling of unease. I get the sense of our traveler from the first track being in a cave with a light at the end of the tunnel.  The traveler pushes forward blindly with hope for the warmth of the light. Stepping forward and the realization that they have been reborn as something greater rushes over. A soft piano fades as they become aware that the power of a Demigod comes at a cost.

The cost of isolation.

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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