Written and Photographed by: Kathryn Gober

A successful show is comprised of multiple interworking parts acting together to produce one cohesive production. These elements define the vibe of the show, showcasing an energy through sound and crowd interaction coupled with visuals and lighting. The event production is the foundation for the energy that draws in the crowd, naturally topped with a heavy layer of vibe from the artists themselves. Good Vibes Presents and Prime delivered this event with high energy, flawless lighting, and impressive sound.

On all fronts, the audial and visual experience I was gifted in witnessing CloZee, Tsuruda, and Huxley Anne was far above my expectations. My first impression walking up to the venue was one of intrigue – the building was constructed on a very small area, in multiple layers. The hill it stood upon offered a stunning view over Red River St. and the bustling city traffic, accented by neon-lit high-rises and towering trees. Within the venue itself the only lit areas were the bottom story inside bar and the top story bar. Which left the neon lighting from the stage and string lights sprinkled around the outside of the venue to carry the vibe. On the right of the outdoor stage the entire venue was lined with the cascading branches of elderly trees, creating a natural environment perfect to convey the wholistic and tribal vibe that CloZee presents.

The amazing skyline view from Mohawk's top story.
The amazing skyline view from Mohawk’s top story.

Huxley Anne, an up-and-coming female artist with a bright smile and excited energy, played an immersive overall upbeat set featuring spacey wobbles accented by ambient deep dub. About 30 minutes into her set Huxley Anne lowered her tunes and took charge of the microphone. She took a moment out of her remaining set time to speak on one of her passions: the LGBTQ+ community. She began her statement as a “shoutout to all members of the LGBTQ+ community,” calling on different members of all dispositions – those that are in a place of full acceptance of self, those experiencing tentative membership, and those that are still hiding their true selves. Huxley Anne crafted an empowering and uplifting message, encouraging everyone to accept and support themselves and others through the trials and tribulations that the LGBTQ+ population experiences. She asked that a mindset of openness be exhibited through everyone’s actions, and that the community standing before her band together to fight off negativity and judgment. This exercise of her voice and influence made my heart immensely happy. Many artists waste their position of influence by not speaking out regarding social issues or issues close to their heart, but Huxley Anne braved the potential of repercussion and received a resounding wave or applause and cheering to support her efforts.

attached-Tyler Hill Photo

Tyler Hill Photo

I had never heard of Tsuruda before this event, and upon further research I found the L.A. – based producer had played festivals across the midwest and spun alongside artists such as G Jones, Zeke Beats and Woolymammoth. Although my anticipation of CloZee’s set was incredibly strong, Tsuruda drew me into his set with a masterful use of effects and negative space as he mixed his tunes. I felt as if I was swimming through an ocean of low frequency baselines and drippy melodies, consistently swaying to the downtempo mood. 

After a 10 minute intermission, the energy in the crowd was extremely high. The venue was packed out, three stories of open areas lined with a crowd of individuals clearly entranced by the vibe. As the sound quieted, everyone moved to the places they wanted to be in order to receive the fullest experience of CloZee that they could imagine. I kept my place on the top level; looking out over the city skyline and sea of people below me. Cheering filled the entire venue and resonated against the apartments next to us as French producer CloZee scaled the stairs to the stage. She thanked us all for coming in such a humble manner; mentioning many times how excited she was to be with us and how much she loved the city of Austin. Immediately the crowd quieted and listened to her in complete rapture, soaking in every word as they prepared their eardrums for her audial vibrations. 

attached Curious Josh

Curious Josh

Within her set; CloZee mixed her original tracks with those of other artists to create an environment of community, introspection, and personal discovery. I witnessed individuals become entranced in the tribal atmosphere; beginning to flow to the music with everything from their bodies to hoops, LED wands, poi, and other flow toys. The crowd began to move together in a way that I’ve only witnessed at shows in which the sound in undeniably unique and the vibe unmistakably defined. With every use of quiet melody transitioning between songs the crowd encouraged her to keep going through yelling and clapping. Her engagement with the crowd did not stop with her music – she continually thanked the audience and delved deeper into her tunes. For the last 20 minutes I joined the lower floor; immersing myself in the heavy waves of bass as she dropped three of my favorite songs I had been anticipating the whole night. She intentionally reached out to both the masculine and the feminine energy in the crowd, at one point playing out a trap-style vocal track solo. I witnessed the men in the crowd vibe with the track, and after about 16 bars she then played an incredibly melodic refrain; drawing in the women in the crowd. Finally, she mixed the two tracks together over a pulsing backing track and I witnessed both the women and men begin to flow together. The way she blended both the masculine and feminine energy so distinctly was incredible to me; showing me how necessary it is to employ both yin and yang to create something beautiful. The interest of the crowd was held in the palm of her hand throughout her extended set and not a soul seemed eager to leave the venue until they were certain the musical journey was completed. 

Leaving the venue, I was filled with peace and hopefulness for the impact that music makes on humanity. The messages behind each of the artists sets were both subtle and stated clearly. I was grateful for the opportunity to witness these amazing artists move the crowd through their energy, and it was apparent the impact that they had as I watched other individuals react to their art. I wait in high anticipation for the next time these musicians bless my ears with their passion.

Learn more about CloZee and check out her unique tunes below:

Website: https://clozeemusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CloZee/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/clozee

Learn more about Tsuruda:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsurudamusic/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tsuruda

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_tsuruda_?lang=en

Learn more about Huxley Anne:

Website: https://www.huxleyanne.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehuxleyanne/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/huxleyanne

Event by Good Vibes Presents and Prime:

Good Vibes Presents: https://www.facebook.com/GoodVibesPresents/

Prime: https://www.facebook.com/primenightcult/

Posted by:Kathryn Gober

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