Nikademis and Difee‘s new collaboration brings so many sounds together in a 4-minute clip, and is easily one of the most artistic and indescribable tracks I’ve ever gotten to hear. Incorporating Difee‘s synth-savvy sound with Nikademis‘ love for glitch ends up creating new ideas all through the song, genre-crossing at almost every step in one of the most beautiful ways imaginable. Difee and Nikademis collaborate across the Atlantic to give you your new favorite go-to, “Close My Eyes“.

From a hypnotic repeating vocal line courtesy of Nikademis combined with even more hypnotic background noise, you’re thrown into a thick buildup straight down to a glitch-bitcrush mix. Fans of Blanke, Rezz, and 1788-L will find a new and unique flavor to add to their playlists, and with this song able to hold its own next to those names, it won’t feel out of place. Make sure to check out the New York-based Nikademis and Norway-based Difee on their socials below, and keep up to date on what each are doing in the future. Both are producers to keep your eyes on coming up.

Connect with Nikademis

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Difee

Soundcloud | Facebook | Spotify | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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