Written By: Michael Placencia

Right on the heels of Madeon’s first single in years, “All My Friends”, Xwire has given us his very own bootleg of it, and it may very well be the best bootleg of the year so far! Known for making some of the hardest Dubstep around, Xavier (Xwire) changes things up and goes for a more funky style instead. Madeon’s “All My Friends” track is already great, but we dare say that Xwire’s bootleg is even better than the original. Yes, that’s right. We said it. The way he picks up the pace of the original song by making it even more upbeat is a welcome addition.

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The original elements of the song are all there, of course, but it’s the drops that really give this bootleg it’s addictive edge. It even pays homage in a way to the musical Gods themselves, Daft Punk. Those funky guitar riffs and that House-inspired beat paint a musical picture of perfection. Personally, this is the best thing I’ve heard Xwire release by far this year. He’ll always be masterful at Dubstep, but its styles like this that really leave me in shock and awe. Whether he delves into Experimental, Progressive, House, etc. Xavier has so much potential within those genres and more that he has yet to unlock. And this bootleg is proof of that.

For more on Xwire, follow him on his socials below:

Soundcloud |Twitter |Instagram

Posted by:michaelplacencia

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