Written by: Kathryn Gober

Mael brings the force of a Texas summer heatwave in his VIP of Curtain Call. Classical drum kit cymbals and choral vocalizations ring out within the intro, layering in the framework of a gothic, deathstep sound. The song maintains a heavy drum track throughout, offering slight breathing room between three debilitating drops. Ominous vibes exude at the mercy of Curtain Call, leading the listener through a dark playground of low, staticky synthesizers and syncopated, scream-like intonations. The increasing intensity of each drop envelops the listener in the audible playground, encouraging them to head bang their way out of the darkness.

A free download of “Curtain Call” is available now on Soundcloud!

Follow Mael for more music that will make you sweat:

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Posted by:Kathryn Gober

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