Written by: Michael Placencia

Not even a week after releasing an unforgettable remix of Madeon’s “All My Friends,” Xwire just dropped an astounding remix of Skrillex’s “With You, Friends.” As we all know, this track is a very personal one to Skrillex himself. Skrillex being one of Xwire’s biggest inspirations, it was only fitting this track would receive the Xwire treatment. Not only is this track personal to Skrillex, it also holds a lot of emotional meaning towards Xwire as well.

Xwire With You, Friends Remix

This remix was released just days after one of Xwire’s best friends tragically passed away. As a tribute, he decided to release this remix in honor of them. Not only does this remix sound as beautiful as the original, it’ll tug at all the most vulnerable heartstrings you have. And depending on whether or not you’re going through an emotional time in your life, it may even bring you to tears. It’s also highly worth mentioning that this remix only took 4 hours to make! That’s right, 4 hours. This is an incredible feat for any producer, but to make a remix that fast while having it sound so polished is an insane amount of musical prowess. Xwire surely is a talented entity upon himself.

We were also able to get a look into the process Xwire went through while making this remix. Here’s what he had to say:

“What was going through your mind while working on this?”

Xwire: “I just wanted people to feel the emotions I felt, and currently am feeling. Losing a best friend is never easy, and I wanted this to capture that.”

As for the remix itself, it carries that same beautifully serene tone, but Xwire adds a rare combination unlike anything ever heard before. It’s best described as a mixture of Midtempo and Future Bass. The little glitch-like effects heard within parts of the track add a nice layer of gravitas. All in all, we think it’s safe to say that Xwire is on a hot streak of exceptionally wondrous work. This track is a worthy dedication to both Skrillex’s classic song, as well as one of Xwire’s best friends.

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Posted by:michaelplacencia

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