Ever After Music Festival has just finished up it’s 5th year, and this one was definitely one to remember! If the production didn’t melt your brain, then the lineup surely did. Everyone in the crowd, whether they were a head banger or a shuffler, had the same energy: CRAZY. We were so very fortunate enough at this CRAZY festival experience to be able to sit down with some amazing artists and interview them on a plethora of topics as well! This is the very first festival to allow the use of cannabis on site, so you already know what went down.

 Walking into the festival during the pre-party as a foreigner from America with no prior experiences in Canada, I didn’t know what to expect. As I walked into the venue at the top of the hill, I looked out and saw a beautiful sunset behind the stage. The crowd on Thursday was made up of only those camping at the festival and the energy was the same, CRAZY. You could tell that everyone was excited for the weekend and experiences to come. Yellow Claws performance was definitely a good indicator of what I would be experiencing the following days… it even made a couple of girls flash their boobs!

When the gates opened Friday, the crowd was able to finally walk the entire festival grounds. The festival grounds included: the campsite, Main stage “Excalibur,” the hilltop second stage, the Ontario stage, food trucks featuring your favorite Canadian delicacies, the enchanted forest where you could cool down, and Splash Island which featured multiple massive water slides. One thing I found out of place was the free water stations. Although they were there, they were hidden and hard to find. I thought it was great how many medical tents were positioned around the festival. The festival team also did a great job at making sure there was always something to do. If you wanted a break from music you could entertain yourself with water slides, extreme sports, food, or you could take a trip into the forest.

Main stage’s production level was on point. One thing I was very fond of was how the lineup and production had the same energy. I remember multiple times throughout the weekend where everyone that was dancing on the rail was breaking their necks, and everyone in the inner crowd was moshing. It was a dope feeling looking around and seeing how much fun everyone was having. The confetti blasts at the end of your favorite artists sets were a dope touch to the euphoria that was felt while dancing. Probably my favorite thing that happened on this stage was when the talent buyer Aaqil proposed to his now fiancée onstage during Illenium’s set on the last day. If Illenium’s music didn’t make you cry, that experience definitely did.


The Second stage had many names throughout the weekend. Friday it was called “Dub Arena,” Saturday “Upside Down House,” and Sunday “Chop Up Hill”. The name each day signified the type of music played at the stage. I thought that was a dope way to give the crowd a little taste of everything! On Friday you could enjoy Noisia and Rusko, Saturday you could enjoy Chris Lake and Green Velvet, and Sunday you could enjoy a B4B with Boogie T, SQUNTO, Subtronics, and Al Ross. The down side to the second stage would definitely have to be the fact that it was on top of a very steep hill, and at the bottom of the hill were very large rocks. If the rain had come a day earlier there would have been a scary mudslide. At least they put a second set of food vendors at that stage so that you didn’t have to walk down the hill again to eat!

This was an all ages event. To drink and smoke weed you had to be 19+. With that being said I think that the staff and medical teams did a great job catering to the needs of the festival goers considering how young everyone was. I found it really cool to see the difference in demographic between America and Canada. People are enjoying things at a much younger age here and showing that they can handle the level of responsibility that drinking and smoking comes with. Things are much stricter down in America, and most of the time it’s adults that can’t handle their intake. That just isn’t the case here.

Even though this was my first time at Ever After and my first time in Canada, I wanted to take some time to learn what this festival has been through to get where they are today. I interviewed a couple of festival goers to see what they had to say. Kaitlyn, age 22, said:

“The lineup has always been crazy. I remember the first year of EA [Ever After] everyone thought the lineup was fake because it had Waka Flocka and DJ Snake and no one had heard of the festival before”

I think it’s cool that the lineup doesn’t get better and better every year, but that as a brand new festival, it is consistently bringing the best of the best!

Another festival goer Brie, age 24, said:

“I’ve been going to this festival since the first year. Over the past 5 years I’ve watched EA learn from their mistakes and come back stronger each time. This year was a good example of how time and dedication can create something wonderful. I plan on coming back every year!” 

Well, there you have it. If you don’t want to take their word for it, then take the opinion of the 32,000 attendees from this past weekend. This year marked their biggest festival attendance to date. 2019 also saw a change in cannabis laws, with festival goers allowed to bring in up to 10g of pre-rolled cannabis each day, and campers being allowed up to 28g. This festival is just getting better and better, so don’t waste anymore time. Make sure to follow the festival on their social medias to stay up to date with when tickets drop for Ever After 2020!

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