We were fortunate enough at Ever After to get to sit down with a couple of amazing producers/DJs and get the inside info on everything from their latest tracks to their favorite ramen. Ever After was such a crazy vibe. I was lucky enough to sit down with Wax Motif, GG Magree, and LICK while I was there. They all had such amazing vibes and it showed when they performed. Read on how “WET” from Wax Motif came about, GG Magree’s “wish you were gay” remix and the style she decided on, and even a couple of unnamed exciting shows coming up for LICK.

Wax Motif

Your set had crazy energy! I heard you play out WET for the first time since you released, how do you feel?

The set was wild. I test all of my songs and I’ve been testing it [WET] for a few months. It wasn’t meant to be a song I was going to put out, but I kept getting DM’s for the song from fans and DJs kept asking for the ID. I’ve just learned to listen instead of pushing what I want sometimes.

What inspired your new track WET on mad decent?

I wanted the simple early g-house music that we started with, everything is getting so complicated now with sound design. It started as an edit for my sets. It was half a days work and I did it for fun, then just said fuck it.

What track got you noticed/got your name out there?

Crush groove that was on my first Mad Decent EP. I put out four songs on that EP but that one really took my career off. I Just met Kaskade for the first time and he was the first DJ I probably ever saw and he told me crush groove was so good, he’ll never not play it. It means something big to my friends back home.

attached-wax motif

How do you deal with the constant stress of everything?

Lately my new car (M4). It’s a good question because for the last few years I’ve been ignoring that and I did start feeling it earlier this year and I didn’t get why I wasn’t super happy all the time. Last few months, I took some more personal time and stepped out of the studio because I’m so ahead of my release schedule. Taking time to fix up my car and hang with my new girl. I’ve had bad shows before and I was in a group chat with a bunch of DJs and I texted them that and they would tell me how many times they played for one person. I think it’s important to play the same energy for 5 people as I do for 500.

If you could make your dream festival what would it look like?

Probably do it in Australia on this island in the harbor called Cockatoo Island. It’s sick out there.

How would you compare the scene from Australia to LA?

The spectrum is really wide and it’s cool and diverse. It’s cool because we’re all friends with each other because we all played the same dive bars. Anna Lunoe is my favorite, we’ve done collars in the past but we might have to back to back sets happening in the future.

What advice to you have for producers trying to find their unique sound and how can set themselves apart from everyone else?

Finding a unique sound is hard because at the beginning you have to mimic other people’s sound. But once you are able to hear someone’s song and dissect how they made it, THEN you’ll be able to create your own sound. I’d say keep mimicking until you find yourself. Grab some sample packs and watch YouTube tutorials.

Okay now I’m going to rapid fire some questions at you: chocolate or vanilla, cold weather or hot weather, nikes or adidas, cats or dogs?

Chocolate, hot weather, adidas, dogs.

GG Magree

Yo yo yo, this is Stephskiii repping Trillvo in Canada with ya girl GG Magree. How are ya feeling? That was some crazy energy!

I’ve been looking forward to playing here because I kept getting a ton of DMs and when you play early, you never know and it’s the last day of the festival but the turn out was sick. I have some super die hard fans, one girl had a sign that said I drove ten hours to see GG. One girl started crying and it almost made me cry. I try to be humble and real. Key to my life is to be happy.

I’ve heard of your clothing brand. What’s the inspiration behind “Yeah Pussy”?

You get so scared to put shit out there. It’s a piece of you. “Yeah Pussy” is so bold and you have to be bold. It clicks with me because yeah I care, but I would rather the world see my flaws then not. Something I could put out people could love and something I could put out people could hate. At the end of the day, I just have to be myself. People are going to look at you, laugh at you, love you. “Yeah Pussy” makes you vulnerable. Just do you in the best way possible. My boyfriend says I date myself and that he’s my side bitch, but HELL YEAH.

Alex, her videographer, walked up with a massive drink in a watermelon. Enjoy listening to GG Magree’s review of the beverage.

You rap, you sing, you DJ, you produce, you have a clothing line, what inspires you to try so many new things and how do you manage the stress?

I do whatever I can. I don’t push myself to force ideas out. If I can’t think of any music, I switch to clothes.


You just released a “wish you were gay” remix, how do you like the feedback?

You could hear her mouth movements in the vocals, everyone wanted me to do something hard core with it, but I wanted it to be vibey and sexy. It makes you want to grind.

One thing I hate that people ask is how is it being a woman in the industry. Instead, what mentality do you have as a woman and how do you keep pushing?

I get it girls do girls all that stuff. Everyone’s a human and everyone struggles, I just think the most important thing is to stay true because otherwise you’ll get lost in everything. People are going to tell you you suck, people are going to tell you will lose. No matter what gender you are.


I heard your obsessed with ramen!

It’s so simple to make and I’m Asian (Chinese). It’s always my go to meal. We even want to plan a “Lick n Slurp” at Red Rocks as a meet and greet at a ramen shop.

How was playing in my home state in Tampa first stop of your tour at Sunset Music Festival?

The second stage I played was like Ultra. The energy was unreal, and I had a lot of fun! Most excited for tour with Deadbeats. Really excited for some shows that haven’t been announced yet. Red Rocks is going to be super dope and we have some surprises for that.

You’re playing Electric Forest correct? Are you excited?

The hype behind forest is crazy, I feel like I’m going to meet a lot of my loyal fans. The energy is going to be crazy for 4 days, I can’t wait.


What future releases and collaborations do you have in store?

Just finished my album which will drop in July so right now we’re releasing songs bi weekly. Working with some amazing singers. I’m a firm believer in working really hard and only a little bit of luck. Stay humble and continue to do what you do.

Favorite ramen?

It’s the type of broth that I’m in love with. Spicy miso is like an orgasm in your mouth.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit more about these three artists. We were so fortunate enough to be able to interview them at Ever After this year, and we want to thank each of them for taking the time to sit down with us. By this time next year they’re going to be achieving their dreams, and were excited to follow their journey!

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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