H.A.M. Promotions just threw down a bass-filled night out under the stars on June 14th. It promised a night to remember before the doors even opened, and yet still managed to exceed expectations of attendees. With a neatly curated lineup featuring popular regional and national artists, MayHAM – Road to Low Freakquencies delivered on Dallas’ love for the Bass and environment it brings.


First, let’s talk about the lineup for a bit. The biggest names were out in force at the outside stage, and each one seemed to always build off the prior’s set. With the energy filling up in both stages, you could easily go back and forth without missing out on insanely heavy music. Grouch and King Coopa both brought heavy tunes and built the crowd early, not to mention setting the tone of the stage early as well. With the crowd built up and ready to go, OG Nixin would throw down with his own impressively aggressive style, quickly introducing a nasty B2B with Defyant and being a set that didn’t slow down until it stopped. Sweet Tooth impressed us again with his insanely high stage energy and the tunes to match. Easily taking the crowd in his hand through a filthy selection of tracks and even a surprise B2B with Dallas’ own HE$H. Mystic Grizzly capped off the night with some insanely trippy space music and Jantsen would end the stage in the most chaotic set there was.


But that was only the outside stage.

Löwtus, Glitch, OGK and Gunwa, Zinnia, Thomas Black, Ace Aura and Reflekt all brought a taste for everybody on the inside stage. With a multitude of different sounds, you found yourself going through multiple genres throughout the night and likely loving every bit of it. OGL and Gunwa as well as the Ace Aura B2B Reflekt stood out heavily, with the prior bringing enough energy for everyone in the room. The latter brought out multiple originals and showcased multiple genres in an encapsulating set. This stage was filled up as well, and kept up the energy through the night to match the outside.


With each stage seemingly overflowing with talent, it was easy to find myself walking back and forth through each stage. The environment and energy throughout the night stayed up, and put Dallas’ love of bass-heavy styles on a pedestal to show our friends. Much love to H.A.M. Promotions for the show tonight as well as the amazing staff and the hospitality they brought. Make sure to follow them on their socials linked below for more shows and experience what the team brings each weekend.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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