It’s no joke that Subtronics has a brilliant mind and produces music that is completely out of this world. In his latest EP, CYCLOPS ARMY, oh-so humbly named after his 19K+ Facebook fan group, Jesse Kardon releases 4 tracks that is full of riddim-y goodness and the left-field bass we love so much.

from Subtronics Facebook page

The EP starts with the album-titled track, ‘Cyclops Army‘…its crazy rhythms and sophisticated drops create a track that sets the tone for the EP. This track is sure to be a staple in every Subtronics set for years to come.

Glitch Fight is the track that if Subtronics had a video game, this would the theme song for said game. This track takes your on a 8-bit riddim journey through blips, glitches, and plenty of angry robot noises. There’s faint dialogue in the background of Danny DeVito AKA Ongo Gablogian

We’re just air conditioners man!

Maybe the big boss in the video game is a huge cyclops alien air conditioner giant….

Loopholes continues with the blips turned into heavy wubs and with a catchy whistling rhythm. Loopholes is full of that Subtronics syncopation that draws us in, to be able to dance with our hands and be in tune with the music.

The Call Me is such a Subtronics song. Amazing groove, crazy sounds, synths that are absolutely sick. This could honestly be one of the most Subtronic Subtronics tune to date.

from Subtronics Facebook page

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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