Written by: Kathryn Gober
Photographed by: Polymath Photography & Kathryn Gober

Beyond Existence 2019, a one-day festival experience curated by Beyond Entertainment LLC, unleashed it’s massive creative potential to celebrate the audio and visual arts this past June. Held in a grassy, rural area of San Marcos, the second year of Beyond Existence unabashedly delivered three full stages of carefully curated sound and visual displays.

A vibe of excitement and community emanated immediately as I walked through the entrance, continuing through the festival grounds among three full stages and hammock-lined gathering areas. The decor in the comfy hangout zones conjured a feeling of venturing through an Alice in Wonderland tale. Samantha Carroll of Austin-based Lost Productions headed the decoration committee, thoughtfully incorporating playful pieces such as multicolored rugs, waist-high flowers, and giant pinwheels. The cheerful environment fostered countless conversations and quality hangout sessions for festival goers.

  • Photo by Garret Cathey
  • Photo by Garret Cathey
  • Photo by Garret Cathey

Multiple vendors lined the right side of the central stone pathway, showcasing beautiful items such as acrylic pour canvases, tapestries, and wire wraps. The resident food truck was full of smiling faces, serving up delicious street tacos. At the front of the venue the Euro stage featured a full LED wall and 19 different house and D&B artists, including Xilla, Digital Dre, Planetari and Sabers.

  • The Euro Stage
  • The Taco Truck
  • Live painting
  • Round dreamcatchers

The inside stage area offered reprieve from the squelching summer heat, enclosed by dark walls for an underground club vibe. The two projector screens behind the decks featured stunning visuals, casting fractals across the faces of the DJs for an additional artistic touch. Weird wobbles and wubs abounded as artists such as Yung Sriracha, Scotty Cruz, Angelic Root, Mize, and Leet hyped up the energy from onstage.

  • Photo by Garret Cathey
  • Photo by Garret Cathey
  • Photo by Garret Cathey

As night descended, the extraterrestrial vibes ascended. Everyone emerged from shaded spots under the trees to flow and groove, filling the front of the main stage with energy that had been reserved throughout the hot day. The Sierpinski triangle main stage became a spectacle of projection mapped visuals and booming sound, the frontal speakers shaking with bass. Scott Huggins of Fat Stream stunned the crowd with visuals and laser art, saving his laser spectacle until Ghost Data’s set as a capstone surprise. Digital Ethos closed out a day of unforgettable memories and breathtaking performances with his bass-heavy set, leaving the crowd wanting more.

  • Photo by Garret Cathey
  • Photo by Garret Cathey

The anticipation for Beyond Existence was tangible leading up to the event, from Houston all the way to Dallas. Artists flew in from out of state and traveled from neighboring cities to be a part of this wonderful festival, grown from our Texas home. The overarching communal vibe of friendship and love effortlessly tied together the production, sound and art for a entirely wholesome experience.


Beyond Existence 2019 was presented by Phil Foltyn and Rowdy Banner of Beyond Entertainment LLC, in collaboration with Lost Productions, Spicy Bois, Nocturnal Waves, and Next Realm.

Check out the headlining acts below:

Digital Ethos
Ghost Data
Space Wizard

  • Photo by Garret Cathey
  • Photo by Garret Cathey
Posted by:Kathryn Gober

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