The ATLiens are back at it once again. This time with newly released, but previously teased track “Shelter” and feels like an amalgamation of different but new sounds. From the repeating dark vocal line in the beginning to the repeated warnings you’ll hear, there is no shortage of scare tactics employed. If you haven’t already, find somewhere to hide before you press play.

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Photo via APA Agency

You’re getting a piece of everything from ATLiens with “Shelter,” but one thing you should expect from the masked duo is their engaging bass lines. Roaring in the perfect spots, these bass lines mix perfectly with the choppy-drop and alien background noise accompanying. The pair have been teasing this destructive track for a while now, to raving reviews from listeners everywhere. All in all, the combination of sounds and the way the track flows makes it feel almost as if you’re under invasion, not knowing by who or by what, but knowing there is danger anywhere there’s not “Shelter.”

A perfect track from an electrifying duo. ATLiens have continually made their name known each year with tracks like this, and we can’t wait to watch them bring even more different sounds and techniques to the masses. Make sure to keep up with the craziness on their social medias, and be on watch as they continue their climb.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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