Written by Katie Muecke

The next piece to Valentino Khan’s anxiously anticipated House Party EP comes hot off the heels (hooves?) of his cheeky hit single “Pony.” For “JustYourSoul,” released today on Mad Decent, Khan employs the mind of the one and only Diplo. This isn’t a typical house groover, but despite the departure from the typical format of the genre, “JustYourSoul” doesn’t feel all that unique.  

My first impressions of the track are the same as my fifth impressions: fine, but forgettable. The repetitive nature of the track makes it a bit underwhelming but it nonetheless delivers some optimistic energy and sunshine-fueled endorphins. It’s the sort of track that should never be played all the way through in a set but would make a good transition track for all your pool-party or clubbing needs.


photo from Valentino Khan Facebook Page 

While this falls short of the imaginative and iconic work both Diplo and Khan are capable of, it is undoubtedly a groove. Some funky bongos reverberate in the background giving a subtle tropical feel to the track which is a nice surprise. Head-bobbing is a guarantee, shuffling is a most likely, earning a click of the replay button is a…possibility.

The track lacks the complexity and depth necessary to earn “banger” status, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad song. It begs for a remix, which, again, doesn’t make it a bad song. While lackluster, it has true potential, and those types of blank-canvas tracks are the cornerstone of the art: take some sounds, apply your vision to them, arrange them in a way that makes you happy, and show the world. While “JustYourSoul” isn’t at the level listeners have come to expect from Diplo and Khan, it is sure to call its audience to some action, whether that be to dance or to enhance. See where you fall on that spectrum and give it a spin:


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