Written by Kathryn Gober and Victoria Garces

The long awaited Conrank album has finally come out. Coming out on Circus Records, the debut album is full of tracks that are full bodied and ready to slap the sub until it breaks.

The intro track uses strange descriptors to paint a picture of an aloof artist, emerging from its soundproof bedroom only for “bowls of noodle soup.” The mating call of this creature “can not be heard, but only felt” and one fledgling scientist theorized that “it hits the perfect 50 hertz” – the known common electrical line frequency of Conrank’s home continent, Europe.

from Conrank Facebook page

Being a Circus boy, Conrank couldn’t help but bring some of his label brothers along for the journey. Mark The Beast, Dirt Monkey, and Space Jesus are just a couple of names that pop up along the LP.

Opening up the album with “Dream In Time,” a dreamy and melodic tune drawing from the Flux Pavilion era, Conrank’s elegant melody is pleasantly destroyed in waves by a seething, driving bassline that dips in pitch as the bass note is released. “Dream In Time” is a warm welcome into an album of varied genre and mood.

A female voice sings out, “walking in a daydream; I don’t want to wake up; dreaming but I’m not alone; finding my way home” – a homage to clinging onto a dreamy romance. The calm yet surging midtempo bassline track, “Wake Up,” carries the listener through a flowery field of 4/4 time-synchronized melody notes. Complimenting another vocal forward track, “Bullet In The Gun” is overlaid with dreamy alto vocals. The drum line is reminiscent of an upbeat DnB track, but the bassline is mid-pitched and heavily distorted. Arpeggiated melodies sit in the back of the track, creating an ethereal feeling carried throughout the track.

Quickly building into the start of the initial drop, Conrank extends the anticipation until it falls into a trap and dub inspired track. “Bubble & Run’s” bouncy, bubbly sounds abound until the song finishes with a surprising, short flourish of drum and bass flair. Continuing with the first trap beats, “OI!” blends slow and driving trap drums with a grainy bassline, incorporating notes of an Asian lute for a multicultural vibe.

from Conrank Facebook page

Co-piloted by Dirt Monkey, “Level 8” pushes a video game sound with an immediate build up. The bouncy bass complements the arcs of Galaga-sampled sound effects, packing a punch into this short track. Following the the arcade-like track, Mark the Beast and Conrank come together for a full bass in your face, out of this world track. “System Up’s” celestial sounds build up a heavy drop that slows things down a bit but keeps you rocking. Released roughly a year ago, “Blast” comes at you with a wonky sound that you probably have familiarized yourself with. Very well supported by many artists such a Monstercat‘s humble human, Dion Timmer. Rounding out the track with a solid kick, that just roundhouses you in the face.

Conrank’s Army gets a special shout out. The members of the 2k Facebook group answers the age old question… “What even the FUCK is a Conrank?!” The answers are absolutely hilarious.

from Conrank Facebook page

Giving wobbly basslines and luscious rasta vocals, Conrank and Drezza deliver “Decapitate” with all its low frequency goodness. This track is sure to melt your brain out of your ears.

Released on Bassrush and Insomniac, “Hey Zeus” slows things down a notch and gives earthly tones with a heavy synth rhythm that carries through. The drop still gives you those “nonsense/WTF” wubs that you just can’t help shaking your head with a permanent bassface plastered on you to the wall.

Coolly navigating from the cockpit on the face melting “Meatball Parm,” the godfather of Freeform Bass, Space Jesus has a rich heritage including huge sound-defining collaborations such as this one. The saucy track has those heavy sub hitting sounds that is sure to blow out your speaker if played too loud and the complementing snare just absolutely HIT hard.

“What is beef?”

from Conrank Facebook page

Rounding out the LP, “Tonk Sound” starts with a little tidbit from what seems like from Conrank himself, stating that the bass, probably from this track, if you’re close to speakers, you can really feel it in your chest. Sounding like something straight out of a Doctor P 2009 set, “Tonk Sound” is something you feel rattling in your ribcage with it’s wonky sounds that groove with the underlining bass waves.

The LP ends with a hilarious phone call with the narrator and Conrank as he asks him to stop following him around and to cease sending unsolicited d*ck pictures out. This is 13 tracks of no holds barred brutality. Having brought his sound live to crowds all across the world, his continental conquests have been with intention of answering one question…

What’s A FKNG Conrank?!

Don’t forget to catch Conrank on tour with Dirt Monkey this Fall along with Eliminate, Jantsen, Lucii, DMVU, G-Space, .sfam, & Zia

Houston stop is at AYVA CENTER on November 8!
Tickets — http://bit.ly/DirtMonkeyHTX


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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