Written by: Katie Muecke & Michael Placencia

Delivering the kind of listening experience only Madeon could bring; is the visionary artist’s latest single “Dream Dream Dream.” The signature choppy vocals and energetic drums, that Madeon usually provides, starts this song with a unique energy and entices the listener to keep on listening. These lighter elements soon give way to a swell of synths and soaring vocals, creating a beautiful storm you’ll want to get stuck in.

Photo Credit by Soundcloud.com

“Dream Dream Dream” is broken into discernible pieces, most noticeably at about three minutes in. This short otherworldly breakdown gives way to layered synths; which truly feel dreamlike when paired with the plucking groovy bass. The outro is succinct but transformative, much like the sensation of falling asleep.

Madeon mastered all the diverse elements used in this track; kicks, vocals, synths, and melodies are all perfectly placed. The result is a genre-defying anthem that, much like the dreams we set for ourselves, can serve as a source of inspiration. When considered alongside Madeon’s other recent release, “All My Friends,” “Dream Dream Dream” is but another sign that Madeon’s upcoming project will bring all the smiles.

For more Madeon, follow him on his socials and check out “Dream Dream Dream” below




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