Photos & article done by: Nathen Lane

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of covering an event called, Abelfest that took place in 3 different locations, over the span of 2 days. The promotion companies, Baked Up and No Sleep helped bring the event together.

Abelfest was primarily to celebrate our friend, Abel’s birthday. All of our friends came to celebrate and enjoy good times with good food and good music. The first stop was at Scratchouse off 7th Street to kick off the celebratory shenanigans. Abelfest had a ton of locals play, along with some bigger headliners who go by Bok Nero, Sweet Teeth, and Shizz Lo. I loved how throughout the day, the headliners were diverse in their sub-genres of electronic music.

Not only was the music fantastic all night long, I found it amazing that many people got to the venue early to support their friends/locals who kicked off the weekend with some good tunes. That’s what the community is about; bringing people together. On top of this, Baked Up and No Sleep hired two local Master Grill Chefs that prepared a thrilling experience with some mouth-watering food. The venue was filled with creative art pieces, along with vibrant colors in all forms, shapes, and sizes. It definitely gave you a feel for what the event was trying to go for. All in all, the show was a success, and Abel left with a smile stretching from one end of his face to the other.

Photo Taken By Nathen Lane

The next day (Sunday), there was a massive boat party on Lake Travis, followed by the finale back in Downtown Austin. Abel rented two, two-story boats which included a water slide on both boats. I had personally never experienced something like this, and I was honestly in awe. There was some complications at first with getting everything prepared on time; but once that was done, it was smooth sailing from there on out. Both boats had sold out completely, and were BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze). The weather was warm, and the water looked amazing. Once the boats left the dock, the staff directed these two boats to an island, tied the boats to land, and then tied both boats together so that you were able to walk from boat to boat as you please. Both boats had more locals play with some other headliners such as Kenzi Sway and Hairitage, who both absolutely crushed it. Saratonin and Prosecute closed out the boats and left everyone hungry for more. Everyone was having so much fun enjoying themselves along with celebrating Abels’ birthday as one big family.

Photo Taken By Nathen Lane

Just a few hours after the boat party ended, it was time to finish off the weekend at the last stop in downtown at The Nook off of 6th St. It was blatantly clear that no one on the boat wanted to stop the celebratory shenanigans, and so most of those people on the boat, came to The Nook to finish it off. Abelfest had headliners Lazy K & Drizz go back-to-back before a talented DJ out of California named Drone finished it off to close the weekend.

Photo Taken By Nathen Lane

Overall, I’d say Abelfest was a complete success. This festival was about getting the community together to celebrate good times with good people. Be sure to catch the next Abelfest as it’s an experience you most certainly don’t want to miss!

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