Written by Haley Darbonne

In Kina’s new gloomy beaut, “Get You the Moon,” you can actually hear your heart bursting from your chest with each lyric. The low tempo lullaby tells the story of the love for someone who has always been there for the other. Encouraging them, pushing them and making sure they never give up on themselves. Kina, at only the prime age of 20, has mastered the soulful sounds of slow beats and grasping lyrics that capture the audience and sends them into a world wind of emotions. “Get You the Moon” is just a small piece of the big picture of who this mastermind is.

You can love them, you can hate them, but either way you feel all the feels with each release that Hippie Sabotage drops. The Hippies come in and lather on the perfect remix of the song; giving it the touch of wanderlust and promise of swaying to this song even on the darkest of days. The song curates an image of love and hope for the long lost lovers. No hot girl summer around here with this song being played on repeat.

Check out Kina at:


Check out Hippie Sabotage at:


Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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