Photo and article written by Nathen Lane

Modestep just released their new EP, called Dawn, on Disciple Records. From wanting to bawl your eyes out, to ripping someones guts out; the duo showed the diversity in their upcoming releases. I can feel what they’re feeling through each track; and nothing is a better than being immersed into the music.

The duo showed us what they have been up to, and it sure is nothing short of a ride from dawn to dusk. Their track, “Psycho,” is easily my favorite track from the EP. “Psycho” has a very eerie yet angry tone to it; hearing a woman scream, as if that was her last breath alive. It almost paints a picture out of a scary movie; where someone with a machete comes around the corner chasing after a woman before she meets her fate. There’s just something about those loud, high-pitched screeches when the drop comes that just really gives that song a massive punch of chills down your spine.


photo by [₳M₱]

The next track from their EP release is, “Without You.” The lyrics in the song really touch you. Life is what you make of it, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you want it to. Life takes a turn in ways we never could have imagined; whether it’s for the better, or for the worse. This track really intrigued me because it showed a side of Modestep I really hadn’t seen in a long time, if not ever, and I must say I’m all for it. The diversity in the track compared to the others on the EP makes it really stand out, makes you think, and may even takes you on the verge of tears.

Modestep’s next track on the EP is called, “In the Beginning”. Like their track, “Psycho,” this song on the EP is bound to leave you in goosebumps. “In The Beginning” gives me another taste of what direction their new sounds might be going.

Last but certainly not least, their track, “Blood,” came out with the release of the EP. “Blood” makes you feel on your toes, as the build up plays before it drops.

With this four-track release, Modesteps Dawn EP was a taste of some new sounds they have been working on. I must say, it definitely keeps you immersed into each track in a similar yet different way. 


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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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