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The fourteen year old prodigy, Moore Kismet, has just released their second EP; Character. The EP is out now on Never Say Die Records; which they released a single collaborative track with SHARPS on already back in May. Check out our review of that track here. But enough about their already envy-inspiring credentials; lets dive into the EP shall we?

The first track off of the Character EP is “Sugar Rush.” The track sets a happy tone early you would expect from a track name like that; transporting us right into Candyland. We start our adventure down a winding path, but curiosity strikes when we see a mysterious shortcut and veer off our path. The drop hits and were thrown in the heat that is the drop faster than Hansel and Gretel.

“Distractions,” another track that lives right up to its name, is next up on the EP. It is easy to see exactly where the name comes from with all the intricately juxtaposed sounds perfectly complimenting one another in a complex yet simple fashion. Each listen of this track I keep discovering something new hidden.


Up next is my personal favorite track off of Character, “Telekenesis.” Magical wind chimes set up the scene as an ominous bass slowly creeps in creating a super chill vibe that draws you in as the beat builds. However it force feeds you the red pill and flips you on your head as the matrix is unlocked and the code of reality bends away showing the nitty gritty truth that is the first drop; excelling you right into the heart of Zion. A brief reprieve is offered as you question this new reality; should you stay or go; knowing the truth you now know there is only one choice and you return to the newly found reality of truth.

“Escape” starts with another beautiful beginning; something Moore Kismet definitely likes to make use of before making us lose all control over our bodies. A vocal sample reminds us there is no escape from the grooves that are on this EP. The flow of all the tracks together is just presented so seamlessly. The track keeps up the trend of guess just where exactly these sounds are coming from and wtf are they? A sample is continuously reintroduced on top of the melody creating a trance that just keeps you drawn in throughout the tracks entirety.

Moore_8.png Closing out the EP is “Breakdown,” Moore Kismet enlisted the help of his good friends shibuya and Hollimon on this one. Again, a vocal fully grabs your attention and draws you into the track as it builds up to a chill vibe inducing drop that will still make you want to throw your head back and forth in its beauty. A second drop comes in and the progression is fully deconstructed and rearranged forming something entirely new. The next break brings in a sample of someone afraid but being told not to be that they will get through this together and an inspirational build up is layered on top of the original. The drop breaks this back down reminding everyone that even though you have made it through one obstacle; tough times still lie ahead in this unpredictable world and to always be prepared to meet the next challenge head on.

We cant wait to keep watching the growth of such an amazing person and artist. If you’re crazy and are not following Moore Kismet yet click all the links below and join the movement!

Moore Kismet

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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