Written by – Stephanie Wilcox

Releasing his latest house EP titled, “4 On The Floor”, Nitti Gritti truly showcases his ability to produce music on any end of the spectrum. Having his first EP on Tchami’s label, Confessions is one for the records and having another is just incredible! Nitti Gritti, or as his friends call him Ricky, performed his largest set at EDC Las Vegas’ Circuit Grounds earlier this year. Who knew he was sitting on this heat the whole time!

1. My Music

The vocals at the beginning hit you in your soul, and the beat can’t stop even the most stiff person from shaking their leg. This deep tech house vibe set the EP off to a strong start. It’s the second drop that will send the shufflers dancing across the dance floor. This track is a certified festival bop.

2. 4 On The Floor

In collaboration with up and coming producer SHNDO, who has also worked on major releases including Chris Brown’s latest album. The vocals at the beginning are layered perfectly, and they make everyone channel their inner “whore”. You could definitely twerk or shuffle to this track with your rave fam.


This track will have you dancing with people you’ve never even met before, telling them you “like the way they moov like that.” This is the type of beat to put you in a trance while you dance.

4. Back To Me (feat. MS)

Another track with original lyrics, recorded by Nitti himself, which is definitely something that sets him apart from other producers in his class. This slower tempo has you moving like a creature on the dance floor, in your car, or in your room

5. Out My Way

Bringing a melodic trap vibe at the beginning was an interesting way to start the tech house vibe, but that’s the Nitti Gritti sound we know and love. Hearing the words “get up out my way” and “get up out my face” is the hot girl and city boy summer MOOD. When this song drops at your favorite artists set, make sure you have your hot girl crew with you!

All in all, Nitti Gritti is pushing not only his boundaries, But also the boundaries on the music scene in general. Name someone else doing as much as him! We at Trillvo are excited to see what Ricky has up his sleeve next. We’re sure it’s going to be something else ground breaking and influential, and something that will continue to inspire producer far and wide to push their creative levels. We’re rooting for you Ricky!

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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