Written by – Noah Shuman

Skrillex surprised everybody with his newest release. Owsla announced his two singles off his compilation – Show Tracks – just one day before by “leaking” an image of an Ableton midi render of their logo.

At first listen there was a feeling of nostalgia immediately inside the production. It sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Listening back the second time to the first track “Fuji Opener,” I realized these are not new tracks but tracks Skrillex has been using as secret weapons in his sets over the past years. This collab alongside the legendary Alvin Risk is a masterpiece. You are drawn in by these magnificent vocal melodies, harmonic synths, and high tempo drums. After a quick build the song drops into a 4 bar false drop having you question, in what direction are they taking this? Then, its immediately turns into an almost jungle bass house drop until they slow it down and smack you in the face with a thick 808 breakdown.

Photo by Rukes.com

The second song on the compilation “Mumbai Power” ft. BEAM is testament to what electronic music is today. Skrillex finds a way to blend melodic future bass, with sweet vocal chops and metallic synths. Every 4 bars he keeps it fresh switching back and forth from chords to chops. As Beam’s vocals start coming in you feel this sense of hope uplifting in the melody under him. With a very soft build I figured the second drop wouldn’t hold up and I honestly wasn’t extremely blown away. While the drop was variegated slightly in spots, and sounds, it was very copy-paste from the first one. All together this was a great track. I’d say I personally will be keeping this on repeat for the next week or two.

Photo by Rukes.com


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