Written by: Michael Placencia

Ever played Minecraft? If you answered yes, have you stopped to notice the music? That music is composed by none other than C418 himself. And now he’s tackled yet another pop culture phenomenon in the form of his remix to the Stranger Things theme song.

Stranger Things C418 Remix
Photo by: stoneyroads.com

While it starts way too quiet and slow for my taste, the rest of the track is brilliant. C418 makes great use of synths that adds that 80s retro feel to it. I never thought the Stranger Things theme song could sound any more 80s than it already was, but this takes the cake. I may be a bit biased due to the 80s being my favorite decade of music, but this remix is the best remix I’ve ever heard for this theme song. And it’s exactly the remix I’d imagined to fit the song as well.

Stranger Things Logo

To be honest, there aren’t any significant changes to the theme song aside from the more prominent synths. But that’s ok, because the theme is great the way it is, and I’m glad C418 kept the same 80s tone. Simple, yet satisfying. Whether you’ve watched the recently released 3rd season or not, this Stranger Things remix is the best around, and will make you hyped to watch it. Or it may just take you down memory lane to recount everything you just watched. If you love the 80s as much as I do, you’ll love this remix.

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Posted by:michaelplacencia

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