Written by – Isaiah Campbell

Like most tracks made by Levitate, it’s hard to describe what his music is like. Maybe it’s halftime Drum & Bass sent through a digital washer and dryer, and came out melted and distorted. Maybe Levitate is a time traveler and this is just cyberpunk music from 2077. My hope is the latter, and if it’s the case chances are he’d still be a dope producer, bending genres and sound design barriers. Which is what he did with ‘UhaveNoIdea‘.

photo from Levitate Facebook

This new original keeps in tradition with the Levitate sound. High ends linger on and fade without a trace, while the low end starts out deeper than what should be possible. Every snare and kick is stuck in a vicious loop, as if Levitate copied it onto an overly scratched CD, and reuploaded it. The digital high pitched screeches are in this grey area of organic human sounds and digital modulation.

I could see this song, as well as most of Levitate’s discography, in a dystopian, futuristic, cyber-terror movie, or series of movies. What I’m saying is that UhaveNoIdea is a 10/10 and you should go listen to it right now.

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Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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