Written by Nathen Lane & Michael Placencia

Photos taken by AJR Photos

Above & Beyond had the joy of announcing their latest LP, “Flow State,” on July 19th, 2019. The LP was released on Anjuna Beats.

Above & Beyond created a masterpiece. With this 50 minute LP, Flow State has warm tones and relaxing sounds; eager to calm your mind when times get rough. Flow State takes you on a journey through mind and body as every track paints a picture through melodic and ambient noise. As we have seen in the past, some of Above & Beyond‘s most popular tracks have been very melodic and calm; returning to yet another journey this LP takes you. Above & Beyond have done many things. They’ve given us countless (and memorable) Trance albums and compilations after another, an acoustic album, and now.. an album that’s fit for anyone who loves yoga and meditation.

Photo taken by AJR Photos

Above & Beyond were made to do this album. Their beautiful melodic sounds, ethereal touches by use of synths, and some of the most beautiful piano pieces ever composed, making this album a golden treasure.

Although the first quarter of the album was quite slow, yet relaxing, it really picked up with the use of piano melodies and the soothing voice of Elana Brower. Her words of inspiration create inner clarity within the soul.

As far as stand out tracks go, ‘Believer,’ is definitely my favorite with its delicately peaceful piano melody playing throughout the entire track. It echoes something you’d hear from a Kingdom Hearts game.

You’ll hear no drop on this album, but if you’re a fan of meditating, then this will make you feel right at home. I haven’t meditated in quite some time, but I’m definitely changing that after having listened to this LP.

Photo by AJR Photos

Along with the release of the LP, there is a 13 minute self-empowerment speech by the well-known yogi, Elena Brower. I love that this is included because everyone at some point in their life needs a source of self-empowerment. Everyone has bad days, and self healing is a very important thing. Everyone receives lessons every day, and it’s about whether you learn from them and get yourself back up to try again. Staying in a meditative state and hearing her words really makes you think, as she hits different emotions through each track. 

Above & Beyond hosted a launch event with Daybreaker on the top of the Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, New York. Joined by the re-known yogi, Elana Brower, she led a yoga practice as one of the members of they played the entire LP.

Photo taken by AJR Photos

Overall, this LP was absolutely beautiful. Flow State put me in a very calm state, relieving me of such worries life throws at us. Above & Beyond truly created something that touches the depths of ones inner-self; a journey through your consciousness. Be sure to listen to the LP yourself, as you are bound to fall in love.

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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