Written by Nathen Lane

Wooli just released his track, ‘Psyclone,’ and it’s bound to sweep the audience by storm. With a mixture of Psytrance and Dubstep, Wooli showed us what he’s been working on in the studio.

Wooli is going on tour! His North American tour, THE VOYAGE TOUR, is hitting up all major U.S. cities. Is the Woo Tusk Clan hitting up your city?

08Aug THE VOYAGE TOUR Charleston, SC RSVP Tickets
09Aug THE VOYAGE TOUR Tampa, FL RSVP Tickets
10Aug Pimlico Race Course Baltimore, MD RSVP Tickets
16Aug THE VOYAGE TOUR Minneapolis, MN RSVP Tickets
17Aug THE VOYAGE TOUR Cincinnati, OH RSVP Tickets
21Aug THE VOYAGE TOUR Salt Lake City, UT RSVP Tickets
22Aug THE VOYAGE TOUR Albuquerque, NM RSVP Tickets
23Aug AVALON Hollywood Hollywood, CA RSVP Tickets
30Aug THE VOYAGE TOUR Chicago, IL RSVP Tickets
05Sep THE VOYAGE TOUR La Cygne, KS RSVP Tickets
12Sep THE VOYAGE TOUR Indianapolis, IN RSVP
3Sep THE VOYAGE TOUR Toronto, Canada RSVP Tickets
14Sep The Voyage Tour Grand Rapids, MI RSVP Tickets
19Sep THE VOYAGE TOUR Virginia Beach, VA RSVP Tickets
20Sep THE VOYAGE TOUR Montreal, Canada RSVPTickets
21Sep The Voyage Tour Denver, CO RSVP Tickets
03Oct THE VOYAGE TOUR San Marcos, TX RSVP Tickets
04Oct The Voyage Tour Dallas, TX RSVP Tickets

***05Oct The Voyage Tour Houston, TX RSVP Tickets***

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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