Police sirens set the scene, clearing out all the innocent bystanders and those who are ill prepared for the movement. The track picks up and you can envision an army of civilians rising to the challenge and standing toe to toe with the authority. But this isn’t a battle of weapons; it is a battle of grooves; with a frontline of head bangers and shufflers ready to storm a full on riot geared out task force. Maybe running up on area 51, if that is more your thang. The break re-introduces us to the well known vocalist MC Turk; most well known from Showteks infamous track “Fuck the System.” Turk provides us the pep talk we need for the second wave of attacks. This time though the infection has taken over, as the guards join in and dance along uniting us as one.

Change is coming. Will you stand by and watch or will you join in?


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Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram 

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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