Written by Haley Darbonne

When it comes to a new dubstep album, nothing takes the cake better than a new Excision collection. Once again, the man has proved that he is at the top of the game with his music along with the help of a handful of familiar producers that you might know of. From Spag Heddy ramping up the lullaby of “Home” to Phaseone slowing the tempo down in the beautiful “Die for You;” each song brings a whole new sense of character to the original Apex album Excision dropped last year.

One thing about Excision himself is that he always pulls the underground artists up when delegating new music and producers to bring to the table. One being the rising star, Kompany, who broke massive ground with his remix of “Power.” Another massive surprise on the album was Mastadon’s remix of “Tonight;” that once again proves the dude has skills that cannot be overlooked. Along with Champagne Drip’s remix of “Hoods up;” that was absolutely MIND BLOWING, these newcomers are here to take names.

Personal favorites came from Black Tiger Sex Machine’s remix of “Gold” that took the original Illenium collab to a drum and bass beauty. As well as 12th Planet’s takeover of “Wake Up” that will be known as a crowd pleaser. Another was G-Rex’s remix of “Exterminate” that had a beat that I still cannot get out of my head.

However, let’s not forget about The Riddim Kings who sequenced themselves amazingly into a couple gems like Boogie T, Squnto, and Subtronics; who unleashed absolute filth upon this album. Though one track that stuck out the most with a riddim remix was Blunts & Blondes and his remix of “Where are You” that was all the vibes to leave you with goosebumps.

This album alone was something well deserved for the wait as everyone knew from the reign of the album Virus that the remixes were to come and they came and conquered. Apex: The Remixes is extraordinary to say the least and for Excision to hand pick all these songs from such talented artists, a thank you is not enough.

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Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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