By: Katie Lee

Soulful, vintage vocal sample? Check. Energy-building snares? Check. Groovy bass line? Check check check! “XTC,” the latest from Solardo & Eli Brown’s combined efforts, has every ingredient for the most delicious of house music and these two have baked it into perfection.

At 2 minutes 37 seconds, “XTC” is far from the most complex track, and it doesn’t pack many surprises. Save for that incredibly sexy bass line, which takes on new life when heard through some good headphones. Nonetheless, this track is endlessly entertaining, and warrants a press or two or five of the repeat button.

House is about fun, about dancing, about feeling the music in your soul. In the short amount of time from the beginning to end of “XTC,” Solardo and Eli Brown make certain that no one leaves this track untouched. The vocal sample is religious in nature (“give it all to Him”) and was probably taken from some kind of old-school praise song.

Nothing feels more appropriate, in my opinion, than religious jargon in house. For many, the music is religion, and the dance floor is a sanctuary for worship. Solardo and Eli Brown have nailed exactly what the genre represents, and coming from the two of them nothing less should have been expected. Play this at your next party, and give it a listen for yourself here:

Find Solardo: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Spotify

Find Eli Brown: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify

Posted by:katieleemuecke

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