I recently discovered not only some AMAZING new music but also the AMAZING producer that created it: Wolfbiter. He hails from Milwaukee and has actually been in the game since 2014! His newest musical project, The Wave EP, just dropped a month ago, and needless to say it might have flown under some major radars.

The first track off of the EP, “The Wave” ft. CHØKE, sets the underwater tone the rest of the EP carries out. It gives off a feeling of a ship sinking to the depths with an adventurer stuck inside. Think 20,000 leagues without the submarine. As the vessel sinks it floats into a undiscovered submerged world…Atlantis…you think as the break sneaks in triumphantly. The journey into the depths continues as you lose sight of the light glimmering through the current above. The excitement making you forget the distress of the current situation.

The next track, “Tempest,” continues the underwater mystery, as an escape pod is found and you launch into the depths. While exploring this new world you come across an elder tribunal council; humming a mysterious hymn drawing your curiosity in. A ritual is being performed but you cannot tell what it is. The first ritual completes and a warm feeling of bliss overcomes you as the heat of the Earth lets loose a thousand bubbles into the sea. The hymn beginnings again as the next ritual is prepared. This time you hear a scream and see the ritual is a sacrifice. The elders let out a laughter of madness as they spot you frantically making an escape.


“The Deep,” the next track on the EP, continues the adventure. Our explorer is moving away from the ritual but can not help to feel the magic of the dark ritual over coming them. Knowing they must leave but the depths having an unwillingness to let them.  A dark lullaby is sung as monsters are summoned from the murky ravines to retrieve the explorer. The tempo picks up, transforming the genre and making for the perfect escape track. To be quiet honest I personally loved the direction and idea of the second drop though I feel it wasn’t fully executed. The production doesn’t feel as full so the idea gets a little lost in translation.

Rounding out the madness from the dark caverns of the sea bed is a beautiful remix of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb.” The ascent begins and the newly founded enchanting world of dark mystery slowly fades back into the depths. The sun rays return; slowly creeping into the void as if creating a bridge back to the surface. There is only one goal in sight now; leave the darkness and emerge back into the light.

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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