Written by: Michael Placencia

When we first heard i_o and Jauz were teaming up for a collab, we immediately got excited. But we didn’t expect it to be a Tech House track. That’s not to say it’s a bad song at all. But it’s hard to distinguish the input both artists had. Jauz makes his presence clear, but it’s hard to tell where i_o added his own sense of magic.

Jauz-x-i_o Truth 2
Photo by thissongissick.com

Regardless of that minor gripe, the track serves as a worthy Tech House song that any fan of the genre would enjoy. Tech House isn’t my go to genre per se, but it’s still got its hits. And this is one of them! All bias aside, “Truth” definitely stands on its own despite a few elements, but it’s sure to light up dance floors in clubs everywhere.

For more Jauz and i_o, follow their socials below

i_o’s socials: Soundcloud|Twitter|Instagram

Jauz’s socials: Soundcloud|Twitter|Spotify


Posted by:michaelplacencia

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