Written by: Michael Placencia

It seems to be an annual ritual at this point, but Rezz never fails to deliver something new and exciting every Summer. This time she’s gone down a more bleaker path with her Beyond The Senses EP. She even made history by being the first artist to livestream the debut of her EP in VR! This is definitely one of the most unique things Rezz has ever done, and we’re going all in on this one.

Rezz Beyond The Senses 2
Photo by: edmtunes.com

In all honesty, at first listen I actually wasn’t too blown away by the EP. But this is an extremely good example of why it’s important to listen to anything more than once. Because I was definitely able to appreciate the EP a lot more than I did the first time around. It really began to Rezz-onate with me on a more personal level.

The EP opens with “Dark Age,” a perfect track that sets up a bleak setting while painting a tapestry of darkness. The strumming of the guitar at the beginning along with the trip hop-like beat makes me reminisce to a depressing old school 90s song you’d hear from a Dido track. Which is certainly the very thing I like a lot. The laser-like synths go exceptionally well with the trippy bass only Rezz specializes at. This is also one of my favorite tracks from the EP.

Earlier this year at EDC Las Vegas, Rezz shocked fans when she premiered “Falling,” her collaboration with Underoath. The drop for this one hits you with a gritty bass in full force. “Kiss of Death” has another deep bass drop that satisfies. Teaming up with Deathpact on this one really shows and the track shines even more because of it. The sample sound of an actual kiss is the icing on the cake, and the best way to close the song too.

Rezz Red
Photo by: dancingastronaut.com

When I realized Rezz and EDDIE were doing a track together, I nearly lost my mind. I was a bit underwhelmed when I first heard the track, but quickly grew to like it. Especially how I was able to catch EDDIE’s dark influence matched with Rezz’s even darker tones. The vocal saying “stress” and the way the pitch is changed throughout really makes you relate to it. Especially if you’ve been extremely stressed out before.

“Your Soul Will Never Be Released” is probably the weakest track on the album to me, but the collab Rezz did with Sayer is appropriated, as is the more calm darker tones. The closing track, “Lonely” will make you feel just like it’s title. Featuring The Rigs, Rezz has done an amazing job with this collab. This is my absolute favorite track from the entire EP. It emanates that feeling of loneliness and I love how the single word of a vocal is repeated with an echo type of feeling. It’s easily the best way to close out an EP as dark as this one.

While it may not be as effective as her previous two albums, this EP is a testament that Rezz is upping her game when it comes to collabs. This is definitely showcasing her talents in a way she hasn’t done so as much before, and it’s showing. We’re always excited to see where Rezz will go next, and we’re beyond eager to see what she has in store for us in the future.

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