Photos and Article by Nathen Lane

Bassweight Records released a whopping 13-track EP along with a mix made by Sub Artillery as their third segment from the ‘Sydnicate‘ series.

Photo by Nathen Lane

With new music from artists such as Code: Pandorum, Aweminus, Answerd and more, the EP is promising with terrorizing dubstep sounds that’ll release any tension you once had.

Out of the 13 tracks on the EP, K-NINE’s, ‘BLOCK,’ is my favorite. With the high-pitch sounds and womps, this track really stood out to me and grabbed my attention.

My next favorite (in no particular order), is Faytal’s track, ‘Monster.’ It gives me this buildup like I’m adventuring through the woods in a video game; only to be met with womping sounds when the drop hits.

Another one that caught my attention was Hukae’s track, ‘Devour.’ This has a death-step, tear-out energy to it that just keeps you on edge.

The last one that really drew me in was, ‘Magic Short Bus,’ by Aweminus. It’s got a rhythmic beat to it that’s sure to get you bouncing all over the dance floor. I found this one to not be as violent like many other tracks on the EP; but still gives you that hard-hitting bass when it drops.

Lastly, we can’t forget about Sub Artillery‘s 36-minute mix of the EP. This mix is beautifully blended together with songs from the EP, along with a bunch of tracks waiting to be released.

Photo by Nathen Lane

Overall, I definitely believe the Syndicate Volume 3 EP is one to listen to all the way through. If you are a fan of heavy bass music; music that makes you want to jump into the pit, or tear someone in half, then this EP is for you.

Formed in early 2015, Bassweight Records was created by Sub Artillery; a well known and iconic artist. Since then, the label has taken off and this latest EP release is definitely one to check out.

Bassweight Records

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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