It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Hallucinate. If you don’t already know, she is a badass bass headbanging woman hailing outta Florida. Y’all already know here at TRILLVO were ALL about supporting and bringing up our talented women artists in the scene and DAMN does she deserve the recognition.


photo from Hallucinate Facebook Page

Holly, her non made up name, started producing a few years back on Garage Band; she said she would just play around with the drums and sounds till something stood out. She originally started producing dubstep and riddim, which is very apparent as you cruise back in her releases…which are already STACKING up themselves.

Lately however shes been stepping away from the more neck-break inducing production style and has started to explore the world of free form bass. In her TRILLVO Instagram Takeover she let us know her dream label to release on would be Wakaan. When asked who her favorite artist is on the roster her response was LSDream, for not only his successful re-branding  of himself from Brillz to the new project, but also his heart-banger sounds.

You can walk along her path with her and discover her new sounds on September 14th, when she drops her EP, Resurgence; which we are HIGHLY anticipating.

Attached-hallucinate When asked what her name meant to her she let us know it IS NOT about drugs. She would  rather her music to do the euphoria inducing. Which we can totally get behind. Don’t get it twisted though, her latest release is the womp groove tilted “Mary Jane,” so she definitely isn’t some square. It’s just about the music FIRST.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Hallucinate a bit better and can fully appreciate her journey; check out the FIRST edition of TRILLVO – In the Mix! This one is for all the weird, wompy and Wakaan lovers. Hallucinate JAM PACKED it full of unreleased IDs, and a few other surprises, so sit back and let the music take you to a higher state of consciousness.

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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