Written by: Kathryn Gober

It is incredible to witness the sound healing movement that is spreading across EDM. Music is a universal language, a collection of frequencies to which humans resonate and connect with themselves and other humans through. Mersiv crafted this garden of frequencies with the outspoken purpose of propitiating sound healing; reaching out through different sub-genres that appeal to any ear. Released in one collection of manifested intention and outreach, Digital Eden is a complete album dedicated to raising the planetary conscious and the listener’s vibration. 

“Be Here Now” ft. Mahamuna is a relaxing array of filtered synthesizers, creating immense depth and a feeling of floating. This track features a voiceover of meditation guidance, relaxing the mind and reminding the listener to be present in the moment.

Mersiv goes a little deeper with “The Oasis,” creating a bass line that resonates in one’s ears from left to right. The high pitched melodies seem extraterrestrial, accentuating the deep bass in a complete soundscape.

The message of “Immerse Yourself” ft. Cody Reed is incredibly clear. “Raising my consciousness, I am on a quest to fix what has been broken. Immerse yourself in the beat, until the third eye and your mind is awoken. I am forever in search of a frequencies vibrating higher than mine.” This track is a driving force with challenging lyrics, yet a comforting blanket of sound reminding the listener of their potential to find purpose. The lyrics paint a picture of someone that is potentially lost in the moment, but secure in the journey toward pursuing their highest form of existence. 

Photograph: Mersiv on Facebook

“Manifest the energy and dream into infinity.” With low, dark wobbles and ascending melodic crescendos, Mersiv blends the dark with the inspirational in “Nocturnal” ft. Nat Turner. This track spoke to me immediately, and continually helps me center myself. To “manifest” means to think, speak, and align your actions with the outcomes that you seek. As you align yourself with your highest vibration, the doors to pursuing your dreams will begin to open, carrying you into an infinity of purpose and success.

“Stay dreamin’ through the struggle, it gets harder. Rise up another level, and grow stronger.” A downtempo addition to this driving album, “Stronger” crafts a calm energy of encouragement to stop and consider what the listener is encountering in their life. The challenges faced in life will get harder, but the outcome is building personal strength and the knowledge that the individual is capable of growing from any trial.

Titled with direct intention, “Healing Energies” is a soundscape of different frequencies meant to draw the listener into the present moment and captivate them. The love Mersiv incorporated into this track is tangible, a direct product of his pursuit to channel healing to the listener.

Photograph: Mersiv on Facebook

The title track plays out to its name – “Digital Eden” is a curated garden of sounds ranging from calming vocals to angelic risers. The energy flows flawlessly through this track, and sparks an acknowledgement of existential existence.

“Inferno” with Dream Pusha exudes a deluge of deep, radiating synthesizers to craft a track of darker tone. The alienesque wobbles are later joined by harmonic chiming notes, creating an intense voyage of sound for the listener.

“Textures in the Wind” incorporates a slow bass line with breathy instrumentals and rhythm to create a spacious track. The mid-tone whistles remind the listener of a journey, constantly moving forward through the open expanse of reality. 

“Safe” closes out the album with another track consisting of meditation affirmation. The message is one of safety, individual belonging, and unique purpose on this plane. 

Photograph: Mersiv on Facebook

Every track in Digital Eden comes from a clear point of intention. With the album release, Mersiv included a little insight into the purpose of his project: “I hope this music finds a special place in your heart & inspires you to manifest your own positive affirmations throughout your journey.” (Soundcloud) We are incredibly blessed to be living in a time in which our eyes, hearts, and minds are opening to the possibility of self-healing. While our trials and tribulations seem insurmountable, these challenges only serve to force us to deal with our shortcomings – so that we can have the energy to expend on our talents and dreams. If you struggle with anything, understand that there is a way to overcome your fears. While this path is not simply clear to us at first, it is through the journey of healing ourselves that we discover our unique purpose in this life. Live with love, and live every day with gratitude. You are in control of your own mindset, and are the sole manifestor of your reality. Tap into your own power.

Love & Light

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Posted by:Kathryn Gober

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