LSDream returns to Earth’s atmosphere from Planet Wakaan to abduct us all with latest release “Spaceship.” The song wastes no time creating that feeling right out the gate. The lyrics, by Meredith Bull, encapsulate the community LSDream is hoping to create; spiritual beings having a human experience. As the beat builds and the drop hits in we are blasted off into a cosmos of consciousness.

LSDream premiered the song early in FULL for his closed Facebook group LSDREAMers, but he first tested it out in Nashville at Bassnectar’s Be Interactive Charity event. In the stream for the group he let us all know the track was inspired by 80’s Sci-Fi; which you definitely get a vibe for in the song’s break. He also let us know he is working on his THIRD ALBUM already! So if you’re a fan of LSDream you should join the group now for all the latest and to stay connected!


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LSDREAMers Fb Group

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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