Meet Sami Diament, a.k.a. LSDREAM, one of the poster children of Wakaan. If you haven’t heard of Wakaan you might have been living under a rock this year. But if for some reason you haven’t; well they are the label best known for their wompy wubs and allowing artists their total freedom of musical expression.
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LSDREAM already has two albums under his belt with his newly founded Wakaan fam. Voyager, his debut album which came out back in May 2018 and Renegades of Light; which was released April 2019. I feel the first album was a more self exploration of exactly where he wanted to take the project. It has more tacks with a mid-tempo vibe as well as the heart-bangers he’s known for now. That term heart-banger was actually coined from his Facebook group LSDREAMers; which we’ll dive a bit more in depth on later in the article. The second album, Renegades of Light, to me is the full realization of where exactly he wanted the new project to go. Check out our full in-depth review of that album here. Both albums tell a story though…one of self care and spiritual realization.
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…oh I forgot to mention…he’s already hard at work on album number three!!! On livestream he let us know that it will be a 90s Sci-Fi inspiration. Collabs already confirmed are with Liquid Stranger, Shlump, 12th Planet, and TVBOO. With his sights set on Cypress Hill for a beat he’s working on currently. So far on both the LSDREAM albums he has also collabed with his wife, the talented Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Sarah Hudson. Their energy seems to always come together flawlessly so we hope that tradition stays alive with the next one too!
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LSDREAM is VERY connected to his fan base. He is constantly staying involved and creating quality interactions via his Fb Group LSDREAMers. In the group he shares upcoming releases early, previews new projects still under construction, gives out first dibs at exclusive merch drops, and genuinely give his fans a piece of his valuable attention and time. In one live stream here is where we learned that LSDREAM actually creates most ALL of his own visuals! Its definitely the place for ALL things LSDREAM and best spot to stay up to date!
Check out LSDREAM on Sept 7, 2019 in Dallas, TX at WOBBLELAND: DALLAS!
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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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