Written by: Michael Placencia

Ever since his Death by Techno EP released in May, i_o had us craving for more. This time around it almost feels as if we were spoiled, because the EP is loaded with four outstanding tracks that are sure to satisfy the demon (or demons) within you. House of God is the complete opposite of what you’d expect in an EP with this title to sound. You’ll find no Christian music here, just darkness and despair.

House of God EP
Photo by: Spotify.com

The EP starts of with “Possession”, a very dark House sounding track that has addicting vocal lyrics. This along with the pulsating beat and very ominous bass line almost feels as if your heart is turning black as darkness takes over and drags you to a hell full of demonic shufflers who thrive off of dark House music. “House of God”, the title track of the EP, also happens to be my absolute favorite. i_o’s always had a great taste for kick drums, but the best part of this track isn’t necessarily the drop, it’s actually the buildup for me. After the first minute begins to pass, it pauses while then going into a very eerie melody with echo sounds/effects. Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan of the near two minute buildup, but those very low bass lines made those last 30-45 seconds up to the drop worthwhile. This is yet another dark House song, perfect for those pitch black warehouse parties.

House of God EP 2
Photo by: Thissongissick.com

“Ghost In The Machine” is a solid Progressive track, but it wasn’t my favorite of the bunch. However, it still delivered as it made for a softer break in between all the dark wasteland you’re traversing through hell. The plucks used within this track are very reminiscent of Deadmau5. Which isn’t surprising considering i_o is under his label. The fourth and final track, “Come With Me”, brings us back to the darkness. i_o teams up with Raito to bring us this very soul-stealing Techno gem. Raito is a seriously underrated artist, so it’s good to see him finally get some exposure by lending his talents and collaborating on a track with i_o. After listening to this EP multiple times, it’s more than safe to say that this collection of four beautifully dark songs happily stole my soul.

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