Written by – Victoria Garces

Troyboi has that certain sound that can be recognized in any instance. With the use of his iconic experimental-trap sound design and groovy syncopation, the V!BEZ Vol. 3 EP has tracks that are out of this world…This EP is another one for the books.

Starting off the EP with an absolutely heavy hitter, “PAPICHULO” hits with Troyboi‘s classic high-hats and subs that have been taken to another level. The trap-Moraccan vibe through out the track suits the London-born producer. The track was previously released and was accompanied by a colorful music video with a help of a choreography attached to it.

With “BAILE” you get a heavier-darker side of Troyboi. This slow tempo trap track, complemented by some jungle drums, has a bass that just rattles you from inside. The drums just make you wanna adventure out into the Amazon and conquer the jungle.

The lyrically strong track, “High,” has YAS‘s beautifully haunting voice dancing along a synth-filled ballad. He still adds those soft touches of trap in there, with the syncopation, breaks, and ad libs. This track is unlike any Troyboi song I’ve heard. He still has the means to add a breakdown that just rattles your brain.

from Troyboi Facebook page

Before the EP released, the single “WARLORDZ” had a huge wave when it initially came out. Having artists flocking to remix yet another astonishing Skrillex collab. The heavy track is blended together very well. With Skrillex‘s wobbles and iconic synth sound blended and complimented by Troyboi‘s unique trap style with tribal chants throughout. The track ends with a celestial ending; leaving you staring up at the stars.

IT’S FINALLY OUT AND NOT ONLY IN HIS SETS! The track, “Do You?,” is one of those classic Troyboi tracks you hear in every one of his sets. The sitar entrance just brings you to the Middle East and lounging in your palace, gazing over your city. As an avid listener of Troyboi and fan, to finally have Do You? at my disposable is not just a luxury, but a delicacy. With the groovy bass line making your hips swing, the track has a technical top layer with the drums and high-hats that just compliment it so well.

photo by Victoria Garces

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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