Article written by Nathen Lane

Svdden Death released a massive 9-track EP, “VOYD 1.5.” With 4 brand new songs and 5 remixes, the EP is diverse and really got our attention with each track.

Svdden Death’s¬†project has been one to keep close attention to. From filthy dubstep, to hints of house and drum and bass, “VOYD 1.5,” hits multiple sides of the spectrum of electronic music. After Svdden’s last, “VOYD,” EP, he has shown his own style of bass music.

My favorite track off the EP is Aweminus‘ collaboration with Svdden Death, “Mr. Muscles.” This song is full of rhythmic dubstep noises that’s sure to keep your legs bouncing.

The next song that caught my attention was Must Die!‘s remix of, “Castles,” by Svdden Death. The buildup gives me the feeling of big room house, with a drop meant to tear the pit up. This song was unique and just really grabbed me.

Photo by Jane Greer

Last but certainly not least, another track that stood out to me was Aweminus‘ remix to “Rise,” by Svdden Death. Drum and bass has always been a favorite sub-genre of mine, and this track gives off quick-paced, fist pounding sounds that’s eager to have you dancing around the room.

Overall, I believe the, “VOYD 1.5,” EP is unique, diverse, and different. With its own signature sounds from Svdden Death, the EP delivers a surprise you are eager to see for yourself

Be sure to preview, “VOYD 1.5,” if you haven’t done so already.

Svdden Death

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