Griz released a 3-track EP on Deadbeats; including the much awaited collaboration with Subtronics.

With the 3-track EP Griz has swept the audience by storm. Subtronics teased us all at Electric Forest with this massive collaboration no-one saw coming. I was surprised to see Griz release something off Deadbeats, but needless to say, I’m all for it.

Photo by JMulka

The first song to kick off the 3-track EP was Griz’s collaboration with Subtronics, “Griztronics.” The song is blended beautifully with Subtronic’s wobbly sounds and Griz’s electro-funky tunes. As the song states itself, “Oh this shit be hittin’ different.” Quite frankly, it most certainly does. The collaboration hits way left field with diversity and originality. It is promising with sounds to keep you, “Feelin’ different.”

Next up is Griz’s track, “Freak the Method.” The song is filled with unique, funky sounds that staples Griz’s music from anyone else’s sounds.

The last track on the EP is, “Push The Vibe.” This track takes you from dancing to some faster-paced Griz-styled sounds, to some sounds that just want you to break down dancing with all your friends.

Photo by Saul Shoots

Overall, “Bangers [2].Zip,” is a beautiful EP. Having each track diverse in its own way truly makes the whole EP really stand out. I was surprised with the release coming through Deadbeats, but change is always good; and I definitely love seeing Griz’s music released on there. I’m curious to see what is to come in the future. Maybe Griz will release more off of Deadbeats, or maybe there will be something more between him and the label.

Tune in down below to preview, “Bangers [2].Zip,” EP if you haven’t done so already on Deadbeats



Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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