Written by: Michael Placencia

If you’re not familiar with this unique duo from Houston, then please reacquaint yourself with none other than, Machine Rex. Comprised of Jake Hunter, (dj/producer) and Anthony Jones (guitarist/dj/producer) these two seamlessly fuse EDM and Rock together. And their newest track, “Glitch In The Matrix” showcases both genres very well.

Machine Rex: Jake Hunter (left) and Anthony Jones (right) Photo by: Victoria Garces

“Glitch In The Matrix” sounds exactly what the title of the track suggests. It’s a wild ride full of gritty, glitchy, bass-driven, Rock-infused madness. The beginning already paints a cybertronic dystopian future. Imagine that you’re Neo from The Matrix and a hole is torn from within the system. Now picture tons of cybernetic enemies emerging through that hole, ready to annihilate anything in their path, Terminator style. This is exactly what this song emanates.

(photos by Victoria Garces)

The beautiful vocal from Vali Reinhardt, “There’s a glitch in the matrix, there’s a hole in the wall” gives the track a nice soft break amongst all the carnage taking place. Jake describes this track as Glitch Electro, which is evident after hearing it for the first time. What’s also very notable within this track are the guitar riffs and shredding you’ll hear from Anthony. The fact that this guy can not only dj, produce, AND play guitar, is insane. It’s just one of the many ways Machine Rex is full of talent. Tracks like these make us wonder what roaring song is next from deadly duo.

For more Machine Rex, follow them on their socials below:

Soundcloud|Official Website|Twitter|Spotify

Posted by:michaelplacencia

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